“Urgently submit a report on the form!”, or They don’t see peop

  • Today I received a letter to my work mail: “It is necessary to participate! Report in the table! Yes, as always this commanding tone. Here's what I thought about.

    Everyone who works in education knows that, according to modern standards and approaches, students need to be properly motivated. As teachers, we need to set goals correctly. You can’t just say: “Do the exercise”, “Sit down, write.” We must say: “What do you think will help us better understand the spelling of unstressed vowels? Let’s turn to the exercise and see what secrets we can uncover!” This will help students to analyze and think. So necessary for writing written papers. When your students seek help from a paper writer, you, as a teacher, encourage your students to think. Thus, performing such actions will show up very well in writing papers.

    But as soon as the teacher finishes the lesson, he is faced with a cruel contradiction.
    All instructions and even invitations to participate in competitions for him and his students, which he receives from the managers, sound something like this: “Urgently take part!”, “Hold an event and submit a report in the form!” After such appeals, I do not want to participate anywhere and never.
    Remember how your mother in childhood said in a strict tone: “Clean up the room!”, And without these instructions you were going to start as soon as you finished reading the chapter of your book. Commanding tone and imperative mood kill motivation.The developers of modern methods understood this, but no one took into account that children, in relation to whom these methods are applied, will become adults. Kills motivation in writing papers. But to inspire writing, use pay for essay and you will see how your student's motivation will increase. This way you are motivated to learn.

    What kind of cognitive dissonance will overtake them when, after school years, during which everyone almost danced in front of them to motivate them to work, they will enter adult life with all its embellishments, orders and imperatives. And you will see how writing papers has affected their lives. When you helped them and encouraged them to seek help in essay editor and it helped them to form as thinking individuals. In this way, you effectively influenced their lives.

    Teachers and adults are also people who can feel
    And we also want to hear something like: “Pay attention, this contest is very interesting”, “Let's try to participate, it will work out!” As a last resort, I would prefer to simply send out the provisions without further ado. Only in this case, the event will interest me, and I will take the initiative.

    Creativity and free choice are important for every person, not only for a child. Both teachers and representatives of other professions want to hear a respectful attitude. It is absolutely impossible to do something under oppression and pressure. Of course, there is a possibility that I experience problems with the perception of tasks from the fact that I am not an adult, but a big child, but I am sure that I am not alone in this sadness.

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