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    For a period of six months, from April to September, gold sales volumes were practically zero.”The uncertainty created by COVID-19 pushed investment in the precious metal. Gold slumped more than 5 per cent and put smiles on the faces of customers planning some jewellery shopping. We are seeing some positive trends at Amrapali Jewels, our store at Good Earth.Gold is a hedge against inflation. Indian households take a sentimental interest in buying gold, feels former actress Vasuki Anand. Pandemic or no, people believe that traditions have to go on,” says Abhishek Chanda, director, Kalasha Fine Jewels. “The demand has definitely increased. 50,000 per 10 grams now and there’s no better time to stock up.

    But Diwali and Dhanteras are bringing back the light.The prices of the yellow metal fell on Wednesday after a brief pullback on Tuesday, and were down Rs 6,000 from the record high of Rs 56,200 in August. It is believed that investing in gold, silver and Custom Metal Conjugate Ring Suppliers other valuables on the day will ensure year-long prosperity and good fortune. It is a part of our heritage and that is the main reason why it is given so much significance, particularly during weddings and festivals. “This is the second fall in three days as muted global cues weighed on the precious metal.“I would attribute the dip to intersection of demand and supply curve and speculation,” says Sanjay Gulabani, director, P Mangatram Jewellers.Sellers reduce rates to enable customers to buy,” says Radhika Manne, founder of Radhika Diamonds.Buying gold on Dhanteras is a long-established Indian tradition.," says Radhika.

    In October, demand saw some resurgence as prices of the precious metals fell. No sentiment, no Dhanteras. There is no better time than Dhanteras to buy gold as it is considered one of the most auspicious occasions. “Jewellery isn’t just decorative pieces. Buyers have started booking jewellery in advance for Dhanteras.”Entrepreneur Srimani Rao has a different take on things. “While there are different myths and traditions associated with buying the precious metal, I believe it is more about aligning the investment or savings to the propitious day,” he adds. This has become a part of our lifestyle, signifying that we are not forgetting our roots. And spiritually it’s satisfying that I have not given in to my greed. She says, “Personally I have bought gold whenever the fancy took me.”. “Retailers saw a huge drop in sales during the 2020 summer wedding season.

    But with the new reality, since I have not been stepping out of the house, I have not purchased anything for the past seven months. The day is devoted to Laxmi – the Goddess of wealth. “Our ancestors thought investment in bullion should be made at some time of the year as this is the only investment that can’t go wrong and can be converted into liquid form immediately.Prices are close to Rs.“Customers are returning to jewellery stores,” says Vani Subhash (Mention who she is)