3 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Special Day

  • A wedding day is a special occasion in everyone’s life. It is the day when two lovers finally take their vows to be together for the rest of their lives. Your loved ones surround us, give emotional speeches, and wish you! Love and happiness pervade the atmosphere.

    Doesn’t it all sound so dreamy? Yes! It is. Weddings are magical. So, every aspect of your wedding should be unique and special. In this blog, we will discuss the unique wedding invitation ideas to make your wedding full of surprises and love.

    1. Get Creative With Blank Wedding Invitations:-

    Blank wedding cards are like beautifully painted canvas. You can get creative with it. You will find numerous blank wedding invitation card designs online.

     Pastel colored cards with floral borders, black cards with gold designs, beautiful white cards with flowers and motifs, and many other attractive designs are available on the internet. They have bank spaces to write details on them. 

    You can buy them in packs. These cards come with unlabeled white envelopes. Buying blank invitations has many positive points –

    • Handwritten invitations have a personal feel to them. You can write individual notes on each card for your lovely friends and family.
    • You can design the card template yourself
    • It is unique and cost-effective too.
    • In case of a sudden change of venue or date, you do not have to run to the card printers
    • You will find free to download blank card templates online


    1. Animated Wedding Invitations:-

    Surprise your guests with the most beautifully made animated invitations. You will get a beautifully designed animation to invite your guests to your wedding. 

    Your elegant wedding invitation will save you time and expenses at the same time. Though these animated cards look expensive, they actually are not. Moreover, your animated invitation will feature the two of you! You can retell your love story in the short video. 

    These digital wedding invitations are made with love, care, and time. Surprise your guests with the full HD quality of the shirt video invitation. In addition to these,

    • The animated invitations – are unique wedding invitations
    • The animated invitations open on any device, mobile or PC
    • These invitations can be personalized
    • They are available in innumerable themes


    1. Seed Paper Wedding Invitations:-

    Seed paper wedding invitations are the best option for nature-conscious people. Your eco-friendly invitation cards will receive a big thumbs up from all your loved ones. With this little touch, you can show how much you care for nature.

    Seed papers used in rustic wedding invitations are fully compostable. They will entirely perish, leaving only the seedlings on the lap of mother earth. The idea of using seed paper for invitation cards is absolutely awesome. With a little effort, you can make a big difference. 

    These invitation cards are-

    • 100% recyclable and environment friendly
    • Unique and surprising to guests. They can now plant the card and see the plant grow
    • Not a very expensive way to make your wedding special
    • Beautiful, as these papers have a nice coarse texture and rough edges
    • Good for typography designs on them
    • Elegant wedding invitations

    Wedding days are full of love, expectations, emotions, and good wishes. So make every bit of the day special with these unique wedding invitations. Everyone will remember your wedding for a long time. 

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