increase youtube subscribers

  • Any cheating is an attempt to bypass the system. Advertising and media services — including YouTube — strictly monitor the behavior of users and in every possible way stop those who try to cheat the machine. But in some cases youtube sub bot ( for example ) — justified action.

    What is a youtube subscriber bot and why is it needed

    Yt sub bot is an artificial way to quickly increase the number of subscribers, usually with the help of specialized services and programs. By the way, mutual subscriptions with other vloggers and asking friends to subscribe are also cheating (i.e. not only bot subscribers youtube).

    Algorithms recognize any sharp jumps in indicators as cheating. Let's say if there were 10 subscribers on the channel, after 1 day it became 200, and within a week several thousand were gained. In reality, with natural growth, the dynamics of indicators is smooth — both positive and negative.

    In practice, it is extremely difficult to promote channels, especially at the very beginning — when the content, even in a small amount, is already there, but people do not know about it. And if there are 0 subscribers on the channel — and they will never find out, most likely.

    There are two main reasons why subscriber bots is needed.

    Show the channel from the best side
    A channel with a large number of subscribers looks obviously more interesting, better for "live" viewers. A person is more inclined to click the "Subscribe" button if he sees that thousands of other people have allegedly already done it.

    Rise in the YouTube search
    A direct relationship works here: the more youtube subscribers you have, the better the channel is ranked.

    Both reasons are especially relevant when you have a new, yet unpopular channel with content, and it needs to be promoted.