Acceptance Speech examples for a leadership position

  • When you get promoted or hired at some leadership position, it is the time when you have to deliver your acceptance speech. It is indeed a challenging task, however, if you follow the tips and examples provided here, it will become easier for you.

    Tips and Guidelines
    Show gratitude and thankful gestures towards the seniors, colleagues, and audience at the start.
    Now you have to write down important and key factors associated with the honor and pride you have in the position.
    An essay writer should essentially make a list of people comprising the names of co-workers, seniors, and juniors whom he will thank by names.
    Start writing down your speech. Be original in your tone and language. Do not fabricate anything. Mention everyone who made some contribution to your promotion/hiring process.
    Conclude your speech with optimistic statements and goodwill towards the company and audience. Practice and rehearse your acceptance speech so that you may gain the confidence to deliver it. Show your passion, firmness, and integrity towards your plans at the position.
    Acceptance Speech Examples
    A. Acceptance Speech example for appointment on the position of General Manager
    Mr. President, The Chairman, my cooperative and loving colleagues, and respected audience, I am deeply inspired and heartened by the praise, appreciation, encouragement, and congratulations from all of you. With endless gratitude and thankfulness for encouragement and support in putting great confidence in me by all of you, I humbly accept the position of General Manager. I want to heartily thank and appreciate all of my seniors and colleagues without whom it would never have been possible for me to reach this position. I feel great honor that I have been blessed with such a cooperative and caring team of seniors and co-workers who supported and helped me at every step. (Name the people you want to thank)

    Respected President and Chairman

    With thanks, I want to assure you that along with the help and cooperation of such honest, hardworking, and experienced colleagues, I’ll work tirelessly to uplift the company’s progress. I wish and plan to see all of my seniors and colleagues and the organization on top of the list in the market today. I do strongly hope to achieve our goals soon. Once again I thank everyone for finding confidence in me to assign me such a dignified position.

    Thank you!

    B. Acceptance Speech example for appointment on the position of Branch Manager
    The CEO, The Director, my seniors, and co-workers, and the respected audience.

    I owe all the deepest congratulation and heartiest appreciation to exemplary cooperation and encouragement by my seniors and colleagues without which I could never reach such a dignified position. I am pleased and honored to accept the position of Branch Manager with a great passion for the company, the position, and the entire team.

    I believe that all the effort of my entire team made me capable of being considered for this position. I do hope and wish that together we all will continue the same professional atmosphere in the branch and we’ll make this branch the best in the city and the country one day. I have worked with this team when I started my job with a low position and I have observed that all of the seniors and co-workers at the branch are highly honest, punctual, expert, and reliable that can be regarded as the true asset for the organization. I thank you all for being a part of my journey so far and I hope the same from all of you ahead.

    Note: These were merely a couple of short examples. The Acceptance Speeches can be a bit longer than these examples with the inclusion of names of people, your passions, goals, and plans, etc. towards the future working at the position.

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