A Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

  • A Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

    The thing about compare and contrast is that most people have no idea how to compare or contrast two or more things.

    Add the elements of essay writing, and you have got yourself a mess.

    But it does not have to remain a mess. I will teach an essay writer all there is to know about a compare and contrast essay and even provide an example so that you have no trouble writing an essay of your own. Sounds good? 

    There is more, of course. When I tend to write my essay, I like to follow a certain pattern that I will explain to you so that you too can organize your own essays.

    So, let us have a look at my sample essay!


    Most people love animals and like to keep them as pets. Some people even go so far as to keep wild animals as pets, but that is not a good option in most cases. It is because there are a great many differences between wild animals and pets. That is not to say that they cannot be alike, just that their differences trump their similarities. This essay will discuss the similarities and differences between wild animals and pets.

    Firstly, wild animals and pets are different as they are captured for different reasons. In the case of wild animals, one will be surprised to know that they are captured, but it is done for economic and recreational purposes. For example, snakes and crocodiles are captured for their skins, which are used to make luxury goods. However, pets are captured to become the companions of household members, to provide comfort or joy for human beings, and are kept for pleasure.

    Secondly, wild animals and pets are different as they live in completely different environments. While it is true that wild animals are sometimes kept as pets, they mostly live in jungles and rainforests, in environments that are away from human activity so that they can wander freely. On the other hand, pets are kept in their owners’ homes and rarely leave those homes without their owners. When they leave alone, they tend to come back sooner rather than later.

    Lastly, wild animals and pets can be similar as well, and they are as they tend to spread diseases in humans. In the case of wild animals, the problem of poaching is significant and leads to contact with wild species, which can transmit a variety of diseases to humans. As pets live in close quarters with humans, they are far more likely to spread diseases. These diseases include, but are not limited to, rabies, tapeworm, brucellosis, and many others.

    Conclusively, it can be stated that wild animals and pets are more different than they are alike. These two different types of animals are captured for different reasons and live in completely different environments. However, they can both still harm humans by spreading diseases. As such, there is a great need to make contact with animals much safer to protect humans from these diseases.


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