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Is Business Social Media Marketing Still Worth It?

  • Articles on the algorithm change on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are circulating all over the internet. They say it has become harder for business to market online because the platforms aren't like they used to be Harley Dean. The platforms are implementing these changes in an attempt to leverage the "social" in social media. This, however, does not remove businesses from the picture. Business social media marketing is still very well all the effort and money today. Here are some reasons why:


    You Can Target Your Audience


    The internet is a big place with over billions of users world-wide. Not all of them will be willing to purchase your product, so what's the point of marketing to them? Facebook ads allow you to target a specific location and age range with specific interests so you can ensure that the right people are seeing your ads.


    Facebook knows the activity of its active users, so instead of picking out your customers one by one, you can let the platform do it for you with ease. After you've set up your ad, it can be up and ready for your target audience to see.


    It Can Add to Your Website Traffic


    Simply by creating your own page on Facebook, you can increase your online presence greatly. Aside from SEO and PPC, social media is also an effective strategy for increasing your search engine rankings. Search engines are also considering social media queries since internet users are not only using Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but also social media platforms to look for answers. Adding a link to your website in your social media page will also allow more traffic to come in to your website than ever before.


    Connecting With Your Customers Is Easier


    Facebook is a convenient for when customers have inquiries about your products or services. Some will prefer to send you a message because they aren't confident enough for a call, and it'd be too bothersome to go there physically. The message arrives to you in an instant and will allow you to do something to fix it quickly.


    Furthermore, customers appreciate a company that is dedicated in catering to their customers when they are in need. This improves your relationship with your customers. If you are lucky enough, you may receive positive reviews on your page, and hopefully, this will pave the way to loyalty to your brand.


    When building a good reputation online, reviews are a solid way of showing potential customers that your service is authentically excellent. Consequently, in times where there are bad reviews, it also comes in handy since it can help you in improving your services so that bad incidents don't occur again.


    The Return of Investment Is Simply Big Enough


    Social media is free, even if you use it 24/7. Say, you spend money to outsource to a digital marketing firm to manage your social media accounts; the amount of revenue you'll receive is far greater than the cost you'll expend.


    That and the fact that constant social media exposure is a long term investment, because you've got your name out there and people are more likely to remember you. So don't be afraid be afraid to venture social media marketing.


    The Competition Is Equal


    Startup businesses have access to the same tools on social media that big businesses do. This levels the playing field for you. While it is true that they might have a greater budget allocated for social media marketing, both of you still have equal opportunities to gain popularity. If you have a content team that is creative enough, you too can make your posts viral like the big names in your niche or field.


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