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The Art of Comic Illustration

  • Who doesn't love comic books? We all do. Whether super hero comics, kids comics, comic jokes, or what have you everybody enjoys a great time reading comic illustrations Manga. Comics help the readers imagine things and images, the text is often short allowing very easy reading, these illustrated materials go beyond age as people young and old always have time for a comic read. And don't think that comic books are limited to fun stuff only there are comic illustrations that deal with more serious topics such as politics and religion.


    Most of us may have tried drawing our own comic characters and stories when we were young. We would doodle and scribble illustrations of people and places trying to create our very own original comics.


    Well, it's never too late to live out that dream of being a comic book illustrator. It's always worth the try, besides you'll never know if you can do it if you never try. Here are a few things may need to know and consider.


    Find you inner creativity
    Bringing illustrations to life through comic materials is not easy. This kind of job entails a lot of creativity, drawing skills, and hard work. This is often a project that can take weeks and even months to finish, from draft drawings using the traditional pencils to rendering it using computer software, down to printing. It may sound like a really fun job, and it is, but without the proper creative skills and attention to detail it may turn out so much harder that you expected.


    Learn the craft
    As they say, everything can be learned. So if you're really determined to succeed as a comic illustrator then start learning the craft. Practice your hand in drawing, read up about the art, go online and watch instructional videos, find inspiration in other people's work, and just immerse yourself in everything about comics.


    If you're a practicing artist, then it may be easier for you to take on the craft of comic book illustration. Having the basic artistic talent as your foundation is the perfect start, but you still need to learn the ropes of this craft.


    Practice makes perfect. The more you keep trying out your hand in drawing and sketching, the better you'll become at it, you'll be surprised at how much skill you'll gain if you just keep doing it. Another big key to succeeding in this art form is to just have fun with it and be original. It's good to take inspiration from others but develop your own style.


    Be noticed
    Now that you're all ready to live out your dream of becoming comic illustrator, it's time to put your work out there and be noticed. Don't be hesitant to display your work online, share it with friends, and try to land projects. There are a lot of comic illustrator groups and clubs out there that you can be a part of, this will help you get noticed among your peers and will give you a better chance of landing quality projects.


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