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If Not Money, Then What?

  • I'm going to subtitle this article: "The Rest of the Story," because as I sit here I realize that I really love many of the non-check benefits of MLM. These benefits sometimes cost money --- lots of money --- but not for me.


    You see, our company picks up the tab on two, all-expense-paid, incentive vacations a year 청주출장안마. These are five star events that are truly trips that money couldn't buy, because the president of our company previews the locations, the restaurants, and the excursions. Everyone loves them, and that is guaranteed!


    I remember flying to Maui for my third all-expensive Maui experience. I had learned to book my massages, facials and body wraps before I went. I'd also learned that Hawaiian fabric starts out looking gaudy and atrocious, but you gradually become sort of anesthetized to it and begin to erroneously think you like it --- until you hit the mainland, where it continues --- year after year --- to look ridiculous. When you unpack your bags (or watch your maid unpack your bags), you continue wondering if maybe all that pineapple clouded your judgment.


    Well, mementos and local clothing aside, the trips are fabulous. What's not to love --- France, England, cruises, Monte Carlo, Ireland, and Maui? I would gladly put forth significant effort just to be on the trip, even if I never made a dime!


    On some trips, we are presented incentive, spending-money bonuses too. There is something about having your company pay for your luxurious lifestyle that is intoxicating. But, trips are not all! We've earned not one, not two, but dozens of award trophies and prizes. We've won everything from Waterford crystal to televisions.


    Another of my favorite non-money benefits is the opportunity to work with great people. Some of them have become friends that we talk with every day and look forward to seeing on the beaches of the world. These friends are scattered all over the world, but most particularly, all over the United States, so we are able to experience all of the cultural nuances of this great country with friends. When I go to Seattle, I have seafood. When I'm in Buffalo, I have "wings". In Dallas, Mexican food is the thing, and on Maui, it's a luau.


    In addition to enjoying culinary treats, we also experience whatever special things each area has to offer, whether mountain lakes, antique malls, spa treatments, football games, or churches. Network marketing has given us a cultural appreciation and exposure that I never dreamed possible. Before I joined MLM, I had only flown a couple of times. Now I've logged well over a million miles in the air!


    But, perhaps one of the greatest intangibles is the joy of seeing some spectacular magazine, television and newspaper coverage. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself because it is so exciting to be a part of this industry.


    I remember the day that I flipped open a magazine that came in the mail, and THERE IT WAS --- a "life-size" picture of my grandson and me, side-barring an incredible interview that I had forgotten about doing. I knew I had lent the magazine a number of great pictures, but I was totally surprised to see what they had done with those pictures.


    Another of those non-financial benefits is being able to have people who, not only know WHO we are, but also HOW we are doing and what program we are working. Once in awhile someone calls and says, "You don't know who I am, but I know you, and I'd like to join your organization."


    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the benefit of the personal growth I've experienced. I'm happier than I have ever been, and I'm now living life on my terms. I hope this article has gotten you thinking. I realize as I write this, that some of my fondest memories in this business had nothing to do with money. They had to do with people, places, or experiences. Next time you are evaluating the success you're having in your MLM, don't forget the intangibles . . . for they might provide all the difference.