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Alabama Health Insurance Coverages Expanding For Eligible Women

  • Here is some brand new insurance news for all you eligible women out there who are residents of Alabama and are planning to buy an insurance coverage under circumstances of acute medical complications like cancer British insurance news. As per a new Alabama health insurance law, all those Alabama resident women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer and breast cancer will be provided with a special coverage plan and insurance amount provided they fill in the eligibility criteria aptly.


    As per the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act 2009, the women folks of Alabama are allowed to take part in the state sponsored unique and handy Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program. While they participate in this program, the patients are catered with a free diagnosis of cervical cancer or breast cancer. But for that, the women have to be under the age limit of 65 years and should also have an income below or at a 200% level of the Federal Poverty Demarcation.


    Moreover, an obvious fact is that to be held eligible for the program, all women essentially need to be citizens of the United Sates of America and at the same time an inhabitant of Alabama. However, this particular Alabama health insurance is provided to them only if they do not have insurance at all or are under insured.


    Under insured in this context is taken to be the presence of an insurance plan that by criteria does not cover the medical service of cancer screening. This is when the existing alabama health insurance does not pay for the mammograms or other similar treatments. On the other hand, under insured may also indicate to a state when the insurance has a very high deductible that is beyond the capacity of the woman and hence she is unable to pay for it.


    The Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act, 2000 did provide Medicaid coverage and the various screening services to the needy women patients suffering from cervical cancer or breast cancer but only through the ABCCED Program. But the difference of this legislation with the new act is that, right now women patients diagnosed by other certified medical professionals who do not provide the ABCCED Program are also liable to receive the coverage if they qualify.


    As per the opinion of state health officers, this brand new act is in a unique way actually enhancing the scope of the preceding act by initiating the expansion of the coverage of needy women. This can to a large extent help reduce the number of deaths that are caused every year on account of these perilous diseases.


    This new program is the brain child of the Alabama Public Health Department that also provides free screenings for women who are suffering from both cervical and breast cancer. This program is funded by the Federal Government of the United States that is made available in each of the states in the country. Women between the age group of 45 to 64 who are not insured can make use of this coverage program and seek suitable medication henceforth.