How Not To Fall In Love With An Escort Girl

  • Most clients may deny that they have never had any emotional connection with an escort girl, but this could be false. It is possible to get lost in the web of pleasure that you wish she were yours. It is not outdated to hear that a client is in love, but this may not be healthy for business. If you notice these feelings, you can explore a romantic relationship with the lady, but you can shake off and move on if you don't want it.


    As a beginner in the world of escorts, you could be tempted to have an emotional attachment with these beautiful girls. Maybe it's your first time having mind-blowing sex, and you think it is best to keep the lady closer. Don't be deceived; these women are sex workers and have multiple partners. They don't want to be entangled with one person, and loving them equals heartbreak.


    This article for newbies getting used to escort girls in Paris and want it to be strictly business knows that you can't have the woman. These tips would help you not form any emotional attachment with an escort girl:


    Don't engage in personal conversations


    When the professional escort girl walks in, go down with her, settle the bills, and bid her goodbye. Do not open your soul or start personal conversations. Doing so makes your life an open book and could interest her. If she relates to your life issues, she might feel like a part of your family, and the feeling could become mutual. She could narrate a similar incident that happened in her life, and from there, both of you are engrossed. Keeping your personal life out of the business doesn't mean you shouldn't smile or be welcoming. It only means that you should know the boundaries and maintain them.



    Pleasure is part of the business


    Another mistake new clients make is that they mistake pleasure for love. If an escort girl takes you to cloud nine and back, it doesn't mean that she loves you. It means that they want to give you value for your money. After the sex, she'll likely walk away without even saying a word to you. Don't force a conversation with her, and allow her to walk away. If you want a similar pleasure from a woman, book another escort girl and enjoy the ride. I get that you're a newbie and might mistake pleasure for love, but not to worry, you'll get used to the act by clicking on


    Delete her number after the date


    After hiring an escort girl who has done her job, delete her phone number until the next time you need a similar service. Hire new girls so that you're not used to a particular face. This helps you to detach yourself from them emotionally.


    If you fall in love and you think you can cope with it, it's okay. It is unlikely that she would give up her profession for the marriage. Would you tolerate that? It feels odd to settle for another girl, but many men see it as an adventurous task. This piece is not aimed at dissuading you from falling in love but encouraging you to stay focused.