40 unique persuasive essay topics on science and technology

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    Below mentioned are unique persuasive essay topics, related to the topic of science and technology

    1. How Bitcoins would become a major chunk of the economy?
    2. Should the government engage more seriously in space programs?
    3. Should we donate our parts for essay writer research after death?
    4. Is science and technology opposite to the religious paradigm?
    5. Has innovation in technology made life easier>
    6. How would artificial intelligence change the future of the masses?
    7. Is artificial intelligence an inevitable phenomenon?
    8. How the combination of artificial intelligence and bioengineering would challenge safety and privacy?
    9. How an increasing role of artificial intelligence would make people irrelevant rather than unemployed?
    10. Why is it advantageous to make Microsoft applications free?
    11. Why is the addiction to using the internet increasing?
    12. Restricted access of students to gaming is not a threat to their freedom
    13. Violent video games are adversely impacting the social structure
    14. Electric cars are the remedy to the issue of global warming
    15. Reasons due to which it can be argued that global warming is the threat to the human specie
    16. Why should more regulations be implied on internet gambling?
    17. How technology is bad for growing minds "write my essay"?
    18. The militarization of space is not good news for a safe future
    19. The banning of human cloning is a saner approach
    20. Is technology sharpening people or making them dumb?
    21. Is there any correlation between technology and nature that is shaping the future of the world?
    22. Is it fair to deduce that technology is causing more problems than solutions?
    23. Should the developed world take the responsibility of increased internet access in the developing world?
    24. Should the government halt or catalyze the process of development of technology?
    25. Should there be a budget allocation for new technology in the military domain?
    26. Why should the state pay more attention to space studies?
    27. Should Mars be colonized?
    28. Should the global North ensure the access of the global South to technology?
    29. Should states incentivize the use of environment-friendly machinery worldwide?
    30. It is possible to Dissertation Writing Services and use technology for maintaining social structure?
    31. Is it beneficial to use technology for educational purposes?
    32. Should e-learning be promoted to meet the needs of time?
    33. Can E-learning replace traditional classrooms in its entirety?
    34. How can e-learning completely replace traditional learning means?
    35. Should it be made compulsory for students to develop technological skills before high school level?
    36. Should coding be taught as a compulsory and major subject?
    37. Should social media sites be regulated with stern actions?
    38. Are social media platforms altering our socialization?
    39. Should social media sites be regulated according to the first amendment?
    40. Should hate speech on social media be pursued in courts?