Paper folding machines are awesome

  • Paper folding machines are awesome. What othertype of machine can take a repetitive, time-consuming office task (i.e.folding correspondence, bills, fliers, etc.) off your hands so you cando something more productive? If your company needs a paper folder, youshould consider the Martin Yale P7200 RapidFold paper folder. This isan automatic paper folder that's small but powerful, and it's a goodchoice for small and medium-sized companies. To find out what theMartin Yale P7200 can do, please continue reading this review.

    The Martin Yale RapidFold P7200 is a machine that folds letter-sizedpaper (8.5" x 11") so that the paper may be easily inserted into a #10envelope. The RapidFold P7200 can perform both half and letter folds,so if you need more than one type of fold, this machine might be a goodchoice. It's capable of folding up to 4,000 sheets per hour. This is asmall desktop folder that doesn't take up a lot of room and it'sdifferent from other folders in this class because you don't have tofeed your documents into it one at a time. Instead, you can insert astack of paper up to 1/2" high and the machine will automaticallyprocess it. And if you find that you do want or need to feed yourdocuments manually, the machine has a manual bypass opening that canaccept three sheets as  fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine Factory once, as well as stapled documents. All of thiscomes at a very reasonable price: the RapaidFold P7200 will only set youback about $330.00. Of course, since this is a small, relatively inexpensive machine, theRapidFold P7200 does have some limitations. First of all, the machinewas designed to only fold standard office correspondence printed onpaper that's between 16 lb. and 28 lb. bond. It's not capable ofhandling glossy paper, thick cardstock, and so on. It also can onlyfold 8.5" x 11" paper, so this isn't the machine to get if you tend towork with larger sizes of paper. And while the RapidFoldP7200 canproduce two types of folds, users who need more specialized foldsprobably won't like this machine too much because the folds it producesare so basic. Finally, people who've never used a paper folder beforemight get frustrated with this machine because you need to manuallyadjust the machine's paper stops to switch between folding patterns.

    This can be tough for a newbie to accomplish, so more experiencedpeople might be able to work with the machine a bit better. Despite its limitations, the Martin Yale P7200 RapidFold is a goodchoice for companies that need an affordable paper folder that canprocess their letter-sized correspondence, invoices, and the like.While more advanced users might be frustrated with the machine'sinability to fold larger documents and produce fancier folds, thismachine is a solid choice for basic, everyday paper folding needs. Ifyou need a paper folder to help you fold your documents, buy the MartinYale P7200 paper folder today!


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  • Dan Rogers
    Dan Rogers
    December 12, 2021