Watch Out For Those Scams That Steal Your Money

  • Scams are everywhere and that’s because people are hungry to get other people’s money. From your point of view, your money is valuable and you don’t want to lose it because you worked hard for your money. Scams come in many forms which is why you should watch out for some of them when you know how they can take your money.


    A Few Scams To Watch Out For


    The basic investment scam is always there. How this works is usually people get the promise of high returns. Just like investing $1000 and you’ll have 20% returns every month. That alone sounds suspicious so avoid investing in these things.


    The email and text scam scenarios. You can get an email or text on your phone that you won something. The scam works where in order to claim your prize, you need to send money first. After you’ve sent the money, you won’t be getting any prize and there was never one in the first place.


    There are a couple of charity scams out there. People make something like a fundraiser for charity and donations. What usually happens is that some of the people running these things will take a portion of the funds. Just to be clear, not all of them do it but just be aware.


    In relation to fundraising, there are those that make online crowd funding projects. What you think that you’re donating to a cause will turn out to be a scam. There are a ton of them online so be sure to check which ones are legit.


    There’s also the energy saver scam. There are legit ones out there but there are also those that take advantage of people that aren’t knowledgeable in this space. They can tell you that solar panels save you money or buy this energy saver plugin to reduce your electrical bills. Be wary of this because there are authentic ones out there.



    How You Can Avoid These Scams


    Always do your researches before you give any of these your money. If you’re doing it for a cause, then that wouldn’t be much of an issue. Most of the time you wouldn’t even feel that you lost your money. It only affects you when you didn’t get any kind of return or you just straight up lost your money.


    Maybe you should also disperse small amounts of money rather than going all in. This is ideal for investments when you start small so that if you get screwed over, your losses won’t be that big.


    Even if it was recommended by a family member, a relative, or a friend, you should still be skeptical. Try and do your research more thoroughly before you do anything when it comes to the money that you are willing to part off with. Avoid a lot of these scams so that your money stays safe and you can put it on something else.