Expository Essay Sample on Benefits of Planting Trees



             The term 'expository' is self-explaining, where a reader instantly knows that it is used to describe write my paper. It could involve a phenomenon, conspiracy theory, an event, topic, a set of ideas, or a process. In simple words, its purpose is to explain and give a clear understanding to the reader. Professors mostly assess students' comprehension and composition skills about a subject and a topic by assigning this type of essay. However, it involves way fewer arguments as compared to argumentative essays. Instead of your opinion, you need to use facts in an expository essay.

             Every type of essay requires following a unique set of rules; however, these become a little different in college as compared to high school. You may be wondering what could be the possible difference. Well, you need to be more precise and eloquent while writing essays in colleges, and an expository essay is not an exception. You may find plenty of knowledge from your course books or online to write a good essay. However, one thing is certain that you can write an exceptional essay by reading a sample too.

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    Expository Essay Sample on Benefits of Planting Trees

             Tree plantation is as important as the existence of humanity itself. They both are co-dependent, and one cannot survive in the absence of another. The full benefits of tree plantation cannot be comprehended in one cheapest essay writing service, but an attempt can be made to address the topic. Trees help to maintain the fertility of the soil and prevent soil erosion. They are a source of birds' shelter and food for many animals as well. The most important benefit is the process of photosynthesis and the production of oxygen and carbon dioxide during day and night, respectively. The significance of trees is well-known in the modern world, and almost every government spares a day to two annually to plant trees before the rainy season. 

    Environmentalists, activists, politicians, and celebrities take time to plant trees on such occasions. Trees are essential in maintaining natural biodiversity as they ensure the balance between two important gases ‘carbon dioxide and oxygen.’ One is necessary for human survival while the other for plants themselves. Trees not only provide food, flowers, wood, and fuel but many other vital herbs too. Modern science and medicine are dependent on such herbs and use their concentrated form in medical science to cure different diseases. In short, planting trees help to control or limit the effects of climate change, preserve soil to its natural elements, conserve water, and maintain write my paper for me.  



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