How to avoid run-on sentences and sentence-fragments in your co


    How to avoid run-on sentences and sentence-fragments in your college essay

    When composing an essay, sometimes students make syntax mistakes while they place all their focus on the help me write my essay. You must know that no matter how great an idea, you still need to make sure that content is written perfectly. It is expected from a college student to compose an essay that does not contain any grammatical or syntax errors. The most common issues include run-on sentences and sentence fragments. If you are a college student and want ways to avoid these issues, then this blog will help you a lot.


    What are Run-on sentences?

    Let’s start by understanding what exactly run-on sentences are. Run-on sentence is an error that occurs in case two or more independent clauses are written together in an incorrect manner. If you are not aware of what an independent clause is, then a group of words that convey complete meaning is termed as an independent clause. When such two independent clauses are written together but without a proper way of joining them. It causes confusion in the mind of the readers.


    Types of Run-on sentences

    There are two types of run-on sentences observed in the essays. 


    1. Fused sentences


    In case, two or more independent clauses are joined together without any write my paper conjunctions or marks of punctuation in order to separate them, the error is known as fused sentences.


    For instance:

    I went to the store I bought a cake.


    1. Comma splices


    When two or more independent clauses are written together only with a comma, it is known as comma splicing.


    An example of it can be:

    She shut the door angrily, I knew she was unhappy.

    Ways to avoid Run-on sentences

    Now let us see how you can avoid both these types of issues in your essays to cheap essay writing service the efficiency of your work.



    • Use a dash, colon, or semicolon, 


    The easiest way to get rid of the run-sentences is to use the semicolon, and dash or colon. When using the semicolon, you can also include a transition word to demonstrate your point better.


    Incorrect sentence:

    She was not feeling well, she slept.


    Correct sentence:

    She was not feeling well; so she slept.


    • Use coordinating conjunction with a comma


    The coordinating conjunctions are for, nor, and, but, yet, or, so, and more. These are used often to join two clauses. So if you are to join two independent clauses while using a coordinating conjunction, then you should add a comma prior to writing a coordinating conjunction. Let us see an example.


    Incorrect sentence:

    I walked inside I asked for a paper. 


    Correct sentence:

    I walked inside, and I asked for a paper. 



    • Separate into two sentences


    When you are composing clauses which are quite long and complex, the best way to avoid the run-on essay writer is to separate those independent clauses into complete sentences. As these clauses already convey the complete meaning in your College Essay, it will be easier to break them into sentences. This will improve the clarity of the sentences.


    Incorrect sentence:

    She stood up during the meeting, people looked at her, she told everything, she did not mention the document. 


    Correct sentence:

    She stood up during the meeting, and people looked at her. She told everything, but she did not mention the document.



    • Restructuring the sentence


    You can also avoid the run-on sentences by restructuring the sentence with the error. You can do this by subordinating one independent clause which doesn't seem as important as the other clauses. When you change the independent clause into a subordinate, it is no longer independent. This means that it does not convey the complete meaning rather adds information to the independent clause.


    Incorrect sentence:

    The organization wanted to start a fundraiser. The fundraiser was for the cat shelter.

    Correct sentence:

    The organization wanted to start a fundraiser, that was for the cat shelter.


    What are Sentence fragments?

    Sentence fragments are the incomplete sequences which do not offer the proper meaning to the reader. This problem arises due to inexperience and weak writing skills.


    Ways to avoid Sentences fragments

    Let us take a look at how you can avoid making the sentence fragments and improve your writing skills. 



    • Start with a person, thing, or place


    When writing any type of formal essay, the best strategy is to start your sentences with a person, thing, or place. This will help you build better and complete sentences which are easy for the reader to understand.



    • Make correct use of ‘Like’ at start


    The most common fragments start with ‘like’. You can, of course, use the word ‘like’ at the start of the sentence to avoid many long complex sentences. But in that case, you have to make sure that you do it in the right way. 



    • Avoid using Gerund at the start of the sentence


    Even though starting the sentence with the gerunds makes it look fancy and is not wrong, you should not do that unless you know how to. In the attempt of making the sentence look great, you might end up with a confusing sentence fragment. In case you are confident in a sentence starting with a gerund, make sure that it makes sense to the reader who is unfamiliar with the concept. 

    Lastly, never forget to proofread your document. This can save you from many mistakes which might cost you grades. So that even when you make such mistakes, you are able to rectify them right away.