OEM Vs Aftermarket Tractor Parts: Which One’s Are Best For Your

  • Whether you own a tractor for farm-related work or for fun, it is inevitable to keep your tractor in well prime condition. And certainly, there comes a time when you need to replace or change some parts. However, the issue comes when you have to decide what's best for your tractor. Should you choose OEM parts or Aftermarket tractor parts? It becomes a huge question when it comes to choosing. So Let us help you decide which one to choose.

    What are Aftermarket tractor parts?

    Aftermarket is the secondary market of the agricultural parts industry. It is concerned with the manufacturing, retailing, and distribution of parts of the tractor. All these parts are not sourced from the original manufacturer. Aftermarket tractor parts are the replacement parts that are designed to match the original parts but are not made by the same manufacturer of the tractor.

    What are OEM tractor parts?

    On the other hand, OEM parts are made by and for the manufacturer. OEM parts are sold only through the original manufacturer or through selected dealers. The parts will be guaranteed to meet a set standard. OEM parts are sold only through limited suppliers. In addition to this, OEM parts generally have a warranty.

    OEM Vs Aftermarket Tractor Parts

    OEM products meet the highest quality standards but many aftermarket parts also offer similar fit and performance. Still, original equipment manufacturers invest a lot of money in marketing their products because aftermarket tractor parts are preferred by the majority of the market. The biggest benefit of aftermarket products is that they cost quite less than the OEM versions. On average you will find aftermarket products up to 5% less than the original ones.

    Many retailers and independent repair shops highly rely on aftermarket parts for its value and performance. Mechanics themselves are good judges thus they can judge the quality of the products in a much better way . But the problem with aftermarket products is that not all the products meet the quality significantly. So if you are preferring aftermarket tractor parts over OEM then make sure you don’t miss out on the value of the products.

    Choosing Quality Aftermarket Parts

    Here are a few points to help you so that you are buying reliable and quality aftermarket parts for your tractor.

    Physical Address: Choose to buy parts with companies that have a physical address. Beware of the sellers who only list on PO box.

    Geography: Check where the seller you are buying parts from is doing the business. Be cautious of overseas factories who try to sell you products directly.

    Business Longevity: Check whether the business with whom you are purchasing parts has a track record of success as a seller or not. That's because it indicates the seller's future customer support.

    • Warranty: If a seller believes in its products, then it should be giving you a backup after every sale with a warranty that protects the customer.

    OEM or Aftermarket Parts: Your Choice

    In the end, the choice to buy OEM or aftermarket tractor parts depends on you. Just remember that thousands of people choose the aftermarket option every day due to its pocket-friendly price and a reliable replacement option. Aftermarket parts for tractors are helping vehicles across the world every day in a much easier way.