How to Wear Hoodies: A Style Guide for Men

  • You may be under the impression that men’s hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts for men, are just a boring duffel sweater with boring prints. Hoodies have been the most popular piece of clothing for many. A sweatshirt can be worn over jeans to make you look great. They are a casual piece because of their athletic undertones. But, like a knitted sweater they can keep you warm and can be dressed up or down. Hoodies are a timeless classic that designers have added their own spins to.

    How To Choose the Colors of Your Hoodies

    Your overall attire will influence the color of your hoodie. A neutral-colored hoodie can balance out bright or bold colors. A white or off-white jacket would look great with light colored pants and an unchecked shirt. A pair of jeans with faded colors and a white t-shirt would look great with a black hoodie.

    When it comes to choosing a hoodie color, the most important rule is to keep it simple. You can start with lighter colors such as white, grey or blue, then move on to darker shades like navy, maroon and black. This allows you to mix and match hooded sweatshirts with brightly colored clothes as well as neutrals.

    How to Wear a Hoodie

    Hoodies for men have evolved from being a gym staple to becoming an essential wardrobe item. A hooded sweatshirt is available in a variety of colors, from solid colors to floral prints to abstract prints. Men today are open to new ideas and experimentation. Gym Jacket can be used for layering or worn on their own with a simple pair of jeans or chinos for those casual days when you just want comfort without neglecting style. With a hoodie, you can get creative while layering your outfits.

    The cardigan-hoodie combination is equally effective in colder months. The hoodie can also be worn underneath a trench coat. To avoid appearing stuffed or overweight, a thick hoodie should not be worn under a trench coat.

    Hoodies are great for any occasion, from a cold day that doesn't warrant a jacket to a casual event where you don’t feel like wearing fancy clothes to a warm night out, to a rainy day.

    How To Choose a Hoodie

    You must take time to choose the right hoodies for you. Your hoodie should not be longer than your jacket or coat if you are pairing it with a cardigan, jacket, or coat. For maximum comfort, make sure your hoodies are made of fine linen if you plan to wear them in summer.

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