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Using the Golf Driving Range to Improve Your Game

  • Golfers, especially novice golfers, must put in a lot of practice time to develop their game. Because of the unpredictable nature of our weather, it is not always feasible to practice on the course.


    This is where the Naples driving range, really shines. These ranges are now mostly covered and may be utilized to maintain your swing's rhythm in any weather.


    Golfers visit the driving range for a variety of reasons. They will be practicing, but they will also be attempting to figure out what is causing a problem with their game. The driving range is great for this since it allows you to take your time and assess your technique.


    If you were on the course, you'd be causing delays for others while also becoming upset with yourself. The driving range is mostly used by golfers to practice and enhance their swing.


    If you plan on using the driving range to warm up before hitting the course, here are a few things to keep in mind.



    Do Some Stretches


    First and foremost, stretch. Simple bending and twisting were all that was required. Nothing hard; just enough to get your muscles warmed up and flexible so you don't injure yourself swinging a club with cold, tight muscles.


    Make sure you're wearing your golf shoes next. As well as your glove. Everything is the same as it would be on the golf course.


    Start With a Simple Chipping Drill


    Begin with a basic chipping drill. To get yourself into a rhythm, take several nice and easy wedge shots. Through the swing, you gain a feel for the grip and a great effortless pace. With the wedge, you don't need much time; just enough to have you swinging effortlessly.


    Go With a 7 Iron


    After that, you use a 7 iron. The 7 iron is a club that falls somewhere in the middle. It combines the long and short irons in a way. It also offers you the sensation of a short iron with a virtually long game swing.


    The 7 iron is an excellent practice club for the driving range. Spend 10 minutes with this club, or enough time to get into a comfortable speed.


    Go to Long Iron


    Then switch to long iron. Maybe a 4 iron. Throughout the swing, make sure you maintain your pace and keep your head firm and in the right position. As you go to the big males, spend roughly five minutes here. Before hitting the driver, swing a utility club or a fairway wood for at least five or six minutes.


    You should give the driver a little more hitting time before returning to the bottom of the ladder. Hit a different fairway wood, a 5 iron instead of the 4, and maybe a 9 iron instead of the wedge. Finish with the seventh iron.


    When you go to the driving range, there will be occasions when you don't want to go through this process; perhaps you just want to hit a few clubs to work out some issues. The 7 iron should be your go-to club. This should be your primary warm-up club.


    So, to summarize. Make the most of your time at the driving range by improving your golf swing. Dress as though you're on the golf course; bring your shoes and glove, and whatever else you'd bring to the course with you to the driving range.


    Make each swing a learning opportunity, and avoid developing negative habits. You will love every minute you spend on the driving range if you practice improving.