Do’s And Don’ts For IAS And UPSC Interview

  • Are you an IAS or UPSC aspirant? Are you working hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will come across some do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when facing the IAS or UPSC interview panel. Without further delay, let’s check out the do’s and don’ts.


    1. Always speak the truth. This is not only convenient but also easier to defend.
    2. While listening to the members on Board, you have to be completely attentive. When responding to them, you may reuse some of the words or phrases used by the board members. Prepare yourself mentally for follow-up questions.
    3. Never express your personal views strongly or make any categorical statements on any particular issue. Always try to use expressions like ‘I think,’ or ‘as far as my knowledge goes,’ ‘from what I have read,’ etc.
    4. Whenever you get a question from the Board, attempt to divide the questions and then proceed analytically, if you think it’s getting difficult for you to manage, you can straightaway convey it.
    5. When you face difficulty managing a question, look pleasant, be calm and composed in appearance. 


    1. Do not use apologetic expressions like ‘I’m sorry.’
    2. Try to avoid cliched conversational phrases like ‘of course,’ ‘obviously,’ ‘as you know,’ ‘that’s correct,’ etc.
    3. When answering one or two questions, try to avoid technical jargon. If any Board member probes you in the technical field, only then can you use technical terms.
    4. Avoid narrating a prologue to your answers. Come to the point straight away instead of beating around the bush and addressing the question most easily.
    5. When a Board member questions you, do not yell the answer, knowing that you are fully prepared for the question asked. Give yourself some time, compose yourself, arrange the points on your mind and then open your mouth.
    6. Do not sit in front of the Board members with a gloomy face. Always maintain a smile, be cheerful and look composed. Maintain a respectable distance with the Board members so that they can gauge the depth of your personality.
    7. Avoid sweeping or hasty generalizations. If not necessary, avoid generalized statements. And even if you do, be very cautious.


    Having mentioned the do’s and don’ts above for IAS interview guidance, the Board needs to understand your personality before giving you administrative responsibility.