Floodwater Damage: Cleaning up

  • Flood water damage is more problematic than other types of water damage. Flood water, unlike grey water from broken pipes, is considered black water. It's in the same category of sewage as sewage. Flood water can spread to every floor of a home, not just in one or two rooms. This article will provide some guidelines for water damage cleanup.

    Clear the rooms of all water-damaged objects Mold Removal Reno, NV. You should remove all water damaged items, including curtains, wallpaper, books, clothes and media devices. Instead of trying to fix or restore these items, replace as many as you can. This will save you money and be quicker.

    Next, remove any remaining water. You can use a HEPA vacuum to remove any water that is still standing. You should not use a pump that relies on the house's power supply as the wiring could be damaged by water. You can choose to use a water-powered or battery powered sump pump. The water power sump pumps are ideal as the suction mechanism is connected to a garden hose faucet. These solutions will eliminate most water so you have less than 1/8 inch of water to clean up.

    The next step is to dry the rooms using a combination of high-velocity air movers as well as a low-temperature dehumidifier. The humidity level should be below 50%. This can be measured using a humidity meter. It's a good idea for the dehumidifier and air movers to be running. To eliminate airborne microorganisms, it is a good idea also to bring an air purifier to help remove any circulating airborne microorganisms. Drying is more than just removing dampness. It's also important to prevent the growth and spread of mold and mildew. After all surfaces have dried, rinse them with 25% bleach-to water and then wash them with clean water.

    Next, you need to fix the wall, ceiling and floor water damage. Although water stains can't be removed from surfaces Water damage Truckee, CA, they can be covered. To remove the stain, apply primer to the area. Then paint the surrounding surfaces with a matching color.

    It is more important than just looking after the surface, to check for water damage in ceiling, floor and wall cavities. Also, replace any damaged materials such as insulation, subflooring or drywall. If left untreated, these cavities can grow toxic mold within 48 hours. This is a labor-intensive job that can be done by yourself. It's best to hire an IICRC certified specialist for water damage repair.


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