Water Damage - The Types of Water Damage

  • Water damage and flooding can ruin your property and home. A lot of people do not take into consideration the fact that there are many kinds of issues that can arise from flooding and the various reasons Mold Remediation in Buford, GA. The kind of damage that is caused by water damage to your home will help determine the right procedure to take to solve the issue to allow you to return to your normal routine at home. The first thing to consider is the cause of the flooding. Flooding can occur in rainy times or in areas that are near areas of water from the environment outside of the home. Damage from flooding is a frequent issue after a fire due to the fact that what's needed to get rid of the fire can affect multiple places inside the home. But, it can also occur within the home due to malfunctioning or broken pipes or plumbing.

    If you can identify the source of the excess water and identify the kind of water that has caused damage to your home. There are three major kinds of water that are clean, gray and black. Clean water contains very little harmful chemicals in it like the time when water supply lines get damaged, releasing fresh, clean water. However, it can cause water damages, but there's less chance of bacteria or chemicals creating illness in the aftermath of flooding. When tubs or sinks are overflowing then the water is generally regarded as to be clean.

    Gray water, also known in the category of 2 water can trigger physical and health problems due to the presence of contaminants present in the water is substantial. These contaminants can be biological, chemical or physical. Gray water could have microorganisms in it as well. Examples of water damage that has the category 2 classification are failures of sump pumps and discharges from dishwashers. malfunctioning washing machines or drains that overflow (containing urine, but not Feces). Black water, also known as class 3 water contains an extremely high level of contaminants, and is highly insanitary. The water is extremely likely to cause physical issues and discomfort, as well as diseases.

    Black water contains bacteria as well as fungi, chemical pollutants and other harmful chemicals. The water damage in Category 3 could result from streams, lakes oceans, rivers ground surface water, sewer leaks, overflowing toilets with feces, or the stagnant state of water for 48-72 hours following an incident of one or two category flood. The accumulation of water is a major source of the risk of contaminates. Cleaning up black water demands the need for protective equipment as well as special equipment to avoid diseases or health issues as well as protect the structure. The trust of entrusting cleanup and restoration to experts can help restore your home quickly and securely.