Animal Crossing series games usher in a new version of the weat

  • Snow melts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands in the northern hemisphere, and players begin to see lush grass and spring green leaves. Spring activities are approaching, and summer is the summer of swimming, diving, and fishing. The only severe weather pattern players may encounter is the occasional rainstorm soaking flower beds and fruit trees.

    Since rainfall has already been a weather pattern in Animal Crossing, increasing thunderstorms could be a way to expand different types of wet weather players can experience. The ACBellsBuy store still plays a role and can help players Buy ACNH Items. Thick dark clouds, heavy rain, and brilliant lightning may increase excitement during the hot summer months.

    In the weather mode, thunderstorms may also drop special treasures; lightning shards can be used to make some storm-themed items. Players may make shocking furniture, special raincoats, and hoodies to show their atmosphere to the bedroom.

    The hail storm in spring may also interrupt the warming weather for players at the animal crossing. Large pieces of hail may hit the beach. Players ACNH Buy Items can have a pleasant experience in snowy weather. Some accumulations may hide treasure, which allows players to make a series of cool decorations and clothes, as well as new storm-themed wands.

    Certain weather changes may affect the surroundings of the player's island. Players can easily obtain lightning flowers that burst when they are taken off or stepped on. Sunny flowers may flicker and glow in the sun, while raindrops may always be covered with dew. When crossing on normal days, these flowers may also produce many flowers of the same type and different colors.