What Is Direct Mail Advertising

  • Direct marketing through mailing services has existed for decades. With the advent of the internet, companies have moved away from direct mail campaigns and replaced them with Internet marketing campaigns. However, for some businesses it still has a lot of advantages. In this article we'll look at some direct marketing advantages.

    What Is Direct Mail Advertising

    Direct marketing, also called direct mail services, post office pickup, post office drops or envelope stuffing, bulk mail or door to door marketing, bulk e-mail marketing, and catalogue marketing through mail services. The advantages of direct mail marketing are that they are targeted to your audience and they are very efficient, inexpensive, time effective and convenient to implement. Furthermore, you can choose from several mailing rates, such as letter, courier, first-class, and priority mail. The potential advantages include:


    Your promotional items are selected especially for your target recipients. You need to maintain inventory, so that you can increase your sales and turnover rates. Mail services will assist you in maintaining inventory. Many services offer secure online ordering and an excellent customer service. You can advertise your promotional items to your potential customers in person, by phone or by mail.


    You are able to select your own marketing tactics, thereby allowing you to become more flexible with your marketing campaign. Some services allow you to create direct mail only advertisements and use many different strategies to reach your audience. Direct marketers can also use the services to market other people's products, while keeping costs down. Most services help marketers achieve increased sales and drive new customers. Direct marketers can also test their promotional items and distribute the results to interested parties. Advantages of mailing services include:


    This type of marketing strategy requires a minimal investment and you can easily send postcards, newsletters, coupons and special offers. This type of mailing is very effective because consumers are always on the look-out for new products and services. It can reach a large number of your prospective consumers in little time and your prospective consumers might not have the time to verify that the advertised product or service really exists before making a purchase. This helps reduce the cost involved in advertising.


    Some services provide mail services that also include sending electronic versions of your coupon offers and catalogues. Electronic versions of these catalogues and coupons are commonly referred to as e-coupons. Some services have pre-approved credit card applications that can be sent in the form of an electronic download. Direct mail strategies help marketers gain profits and make the most of their advertising budget. These are some of the advantages of direct mail marketing campaign. With this strategy, you can spread your business to global level with very low cost.


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