What Are The Types Of Medical Scrubs?

  • All medical scrubs might seem the same. But, there are actually types to it, and it’s nothing complicated. Let’s get you through the types through this blog, and inform you all about their differences. Let’s begin then!

    Surgical Scrubs

    These kinds of medical scrubs Perth are used by doctors during surgery. These are usually very comfortable and relaxed fits. For the doctors to have an easy moment during their operations. The scrubs are meant to protect them from any sudden spillage like blood, stool, chemical, bodily fluids, and so on. This helps protect from those fluids and save them from any cross-contamination. It acts as a layer of protection for the surgeons, and nurses while attending to their patients in surgery.

    Patient Scrubs

    Yes, even patients need scrubs. This helps with keeping clean, comfortable, and away from any possible cross-contamination. The patient wearing the medical scrubs Perth makes it easy for the doctors to operate them effortlessly, especially during surgery.

    Maternity Scrubs

    These scrubs are made especially for new moms, or pregnant patients. The maternity scrubs are made comfy, extra-large, relaxed fitted, accommodating of their pregnant belly, and easy to move around. This makes it easy for their doctors to operate on them immediately when needed or even in time of some emergency.

    Nurse Scrubs

    These are worn by nurses. They are the ones wearing these. It is worn by them at all times. While attending to patients, helping out doctors, other medical staff, especially carrying out all the medical labor work. The nurses have a lot of interactions with patients and to keep the cross-contamination at bay it is always advisable to keep them on and clean while working.

    Lab Scrubs or Pharmacist Scrubs

    Just like doctors and nurses, pharmacists also need scrubs. This is usually more seen in pharmacists that are working in the hospital. Essentially, pharmacists wear scrubs because they’re on a 24/7 basis in contact with patients. Patients or their family members are usually on them with taking their meds and other medical essentials. With this 24/7 contact, it makes the pharmacist exposed to many diseases, and infections. In order to save themselves from such cross-contamination, it’s essential to wear the scrubs regularly.    

    So, those were the types of medical scrubs that there are. Let us know if you know some more. We would love to hear from you. Hope this blog from us was helpful.

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