Frequently Asked Questions on Ayurvedic Powder


    Is Ayurvedic Powder Effective?

    If the client follows all the directions then yes, the client can generally expect the 1st shift of many shifts within 2-6 weeks.

    What are ayurvedic treatments?

    There are many treatments within the Vaihari Ayurvedic toolbox for rebalancing health. They include:

    Lifestyle changes like getting to bed at a daily time

    Changes in diet such as eating more warm foods or oils or greens

    Body treatments

    PanchaKarma – deep cleansing and rejuvenation process

    Yoga, Meditation

    Aromatherapy, Color Therapy

    Does Ayurvedic medicine have side effects?

    There are often a detox effect which may take the shape of mild flu-like symptoms, or a rash. This usually may be a normal reaction and means the herbs do their job. Sometimes the reaction are often stronger and typically the practitioner makes an adjustment within the dosing.

    Is there any Ayurvedic treatment for cancer?

    Ayurveda can help with cancer and it can work alright with traditional cancer treatment protocols. It would depend upon the sort , stage and aggressive nature of the cancer and what your doctor recommends.

    Before Cancer Treatment – your ayurvedic professional can identify an accurate diet, lifestyle, and herbs to retain and gain strength before entering treatment.

    What is the Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis?

    There is usually ama or toxins and poor digestive fire at the basis of arthritis. Panchakarma is generally advised because of the toxins. Treatment depends on the doshic imbalance related to arthritis.

    If Vata is primarily involved then stiffness, pain, and dryness which we are using warm cooked moderately spiced foods, haritaki, purgative internally/externally, and possibly yogaraj guggulu or simhanada guggulu

    If Pitta is primarily involved, then there's inflammation with burning sensations and that we using greens within the diet, cooling spices, herbs that add moist and funky properties, amalaki, and possibly kaishore guggulu

    If Kapha is primarily involved, then there's swelling and water retention and that we are using hot pungent spices on warm cooked foods, bibhitaki, and possibly diuretics triphala guggulu or punarnava guggulu or simhanada guggulu.

    Yoga is helpful for all arthritic conditions.

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