• Breasts are marvellous things, but the only trouble about them is that these days, people have become almost too obsessed by them. All over the world, there are millions of women who think that their boobs are ‘not good enough’ or ‘absolutely pathetic’ — all because they’ve seen pictures of film stars or pin-ups whose jutting, thrusting mummeries seem to have been designed and built by the same firm who gave you the Colosseum. Sadly, a few husbands take this demeaning viewpoint of their wives’ boobs too — and as a result they do stupid things like going off with some busty escort from just because she has vast cantilevered tits that you could hang your hat on. Now all this is quite ridiculous! In fact, it’s true that your average pin-up photo looks like a porn star. But very often this amazing pneumatic appearance is completely falsely achieved. For instance, the pin-up may be:

    • Pregnant (it’s believed that several ‘Playmates of the Month’ have been in this condition)
    • A nursing mum (being ‘in milk’ expands the breasts marvel- loosely too)
    • A girl who’s had special silicone bags put into her bosoms by plastic surgery.

    Furthermore, by judicious use of photographic tricks, the photographer may make her seem far vaster than she really is. For instance, he may use a padded stick (cunningly hidden behind the chest) to push a boob further forward. Or he may use transparent sticky tape to give an amazing — but quite unnatural — uplift to the bosom. Or he may just photograph the poor girl on her hands and knees — but with a ‘backcloth’ which gives the impression that she’s upright. This means that sheer gravity makes the breasts stand right out from the body! Anyway, to cut a long story short, the average breast size in Britain, the USA or Australia is far, far smaller than most people who’ve looked at pin-ups imagine. A typical escort lady’s bosoms — when she’s feeling fairly sexy — actually look very different. If you’ve got more than that, you’re an exception to the rule. What if you’ve got less than the average lady? No cause for alarm. Bear in mind that: *Many men actually prefer small boobs *Small ones are just as sexually responsive as large ones. That brings us to the question of sexual response in boobs. You can see the basic anatomy of the breast in Figure 3. In fact, the whole area is very sensitive to the stimulating technique — and that’s a very fortunate thing. (One woman who’d been unable to reach a climax found that she could do so every time, provided that her husband did what he’d previously failed to do, and caressed her breasts during intercourse. ‘Nowadays,’ she said later, ‘I’d “come” in Trafalgar Square if somebody touched my breasts. Though the whole substance of the breast is very susceptible to erotic caresses, it’s the central part that is really well supplied with sensory nerve endings. I mean the circle called the areola, and the central projecting part called the nipple. (Many people think that the word ‘nipple’ means the whole thing, but it just means the bit that sticks out.) The nerves which supply the areola are connected to a special arousal area of the brain — which is why gentle stimulation of this area pays off. And it must be gentle. The nipple too has rich nerve connections, and it’s also got the property of being ‘erectile’ — which means that when a woman gets excited, it stands up in the same way as a penis does. It’s always well worth stimulating the nipple in the ways explained later in the book, in order to make it erect. In general, the more a man can make it stand out, the more his lady will like it. Incidentally, I understand that another trick used by the pin-up photographers mentioned above is to rub (or get the girls to rub) the nipples just before a photo is taken, so as to make them stand out. And they call it ‘work’! Vital Note: Lumps in the breast or sudden intruding of the nipple can mean trouble. See a doctor within a couple of days if you notice such symptoms.