I don't think spoiler tags will need to be divisive

  • I'd like to view flair for Animal Crossing Bells photoshopped screenshots. Not if they are an obvious meme/juxtaposition like Bernie sitting in your plaza, but should you photoshop on wings to your outfit, place a hopeless thing on a desk, or change the color of a non-customizable item it should be flagged so individuals won't be disappointed if they can't replicate it in-game.

    I don't think spoiler tags will need to be divisive. At this time it becomes a problem because there are no definite rules about what is expected and acceptable in the sub.

    If the rules were more clear (ie: spoiler tags required for events that haven't happened in real time yet or spoiler tags necessary for posts that contain items that were attained via hacking to bypass timelocking) perhaps users would not take it as a personal attack in their play mode when individuals asked they use a spoiler tag.

    Instead of feeling sensitive to Cheap Nook Miles Ticket a perceived conclusion about time traveling it could only be a simple"hello this is against the rules, see sidebar".