Wood Crossbows. Ok, today a new update

  • In f2p worlds, mages and warriors rule the battlefield. Rangers NEED more tools. This is my thought to OSRS gold balance the f2p battle triangle. The Fletching Skill. Ok, all three combat classes have a skill to produce armor and weapons. Warriors have smithing, mages have runescrafting and rangers have crafting and fletching. My idea is to earn fletching f2p. Then, all combat classes can make thier own weapons and armor. Ok, metal crossbows are curently members only. I think freeplayer should get bronze to rune, however without any tips, enchantments, or even poison.

    Wood Crossbows. Ok, today a new update. Wooden crossbows would go from wooden to magical, and would possess the same ranging requirements as bows. Freeplayers would get wooden to walnut. They'd be 2handed and fire a new sort of bolt called long bolts. To make one using the fletching skill, use smithing to make a"bolthead" and then attack into a headless arrow. These crossbows would be powerful enough to strike through metal armor fairly easilly. The handicap is that it's a range as short as a shortbow, but is equally as slow as a longbow. These updates goes towards ballancing which range from free worlds.

    My thought will allow people who go in groups to buy RS gold kill the God War Bosses, the Kalphite Queen, The King Black Dragon along with other popular monsters to split the profits of an costly drop equally. My thought won't allow for any Real World Trading to occur either. A new alternative could be added to the Clan Chat's loot share function in which you input a gold bit value (such as 1 thousand coins).