Now speak to any of those mages

  • Description:A role in the quest tab to OSRS gold write down notes.Now go to port sarim (with a redberry pie, and a pickaxe) and ask thurgo about a sacred, demon slaying pickaxe. In the beginning he'll not have any part of it, but when you show him silverlight(or excalibur), a pickaxe along with a redberry pie that he changes his head. He also smiths that a holy-pickaxe and moves it to you.

    Now speak to any of those mages, and you will find that they'll function as 1 lucky one who got their memory back (haxed, I know) and they'll provide you an enchantment to summon the demons (is different for everybody, but is always left of:summonus,arlan,rune,reman.)

    Now you will have to acquire the golem, and write a new instruction for him and place it in his mind., and you'll also need to gather 2 friends that are up to this stage in the quest. Upon searching them you will discover a bit of parchment. It educates you how you can make a tele-tab to the rune essence. You will need to get: 2 law runes, a piece of soft clay or moltern glass, and 10 rune essence. Make the teletabs, team up with your own team and teleport into the character.

    Today everybody will pick a rune-essence column, chant the incantation you're awarded (again everyones is different) and four demons will probably be summoned. Every one of them are lvl 127 and 1 may use mage-range,1 will use range-mellee, 1mellee mage, and another will utilize all three styles.maximum strikes are 10 for every style, and they have 105 hitpoints. (damage can only be coped with cheap RuneScape Mobile gold them with the holy pickaxes)