A Beginner's Guide to Professional Hacking!

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    You will find ethical or "white hat" hackers who use their skills proactively to secure and protect entities.  These whitehat hackers are licensed to infiltrate a company's IT security and find vulnerabilities in it. 


    They report bugs, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses, which are subsequently adjusted by worried professionals to fortify the IT security of their company.


    If a whitehat hacker for hire would like to kickstart his career, afterward he/she would mainly start as an information security adviser or perhaps a technician consultant. Professionals out of this industry are growing faster than the average project development.



    Even according to the last record published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in April 2018, at the span of 2016-26, occupation because information security analysts will probably have a 28 percentage leap.


    With the rising frequency of cyberattacks, it's the demand of the hour to hire a hacker and employ additional whitehat hackers to protect our critical data from malicious things. 


    The demand for these technical professionals are not limited by the technology industry but are necessary in different businesses too, involving banks, financial institutions, healthcare business, and others.


    Within this age of this digital world, being a white hat hacker demands always upgrading technical knowledge. 


    To prove yourself a professional, ethical, or white hat hacker, you need to have strong motivation, basic self-education, and a thorough study of ethical hacking with a passionate learning approach.


    Once you've learned your characters and responsibilities as a Network Defender, it's time to expand your current knowledge with another domain name in cybersecurity. A specialist whitehat hacker understands all of the major high level hacking tools and methods in detail.  


    EC-Council's C|EH application  is engineered to help you build your skills and knowledge as an ethical hacker. But together with your weaponry of ethical hacking, it's time to establish yourself as a professional by learning appropriate methodologies to apply for penetration testing. 


    You may learn penetration testing methodologies, such as-

    • Network penetration testing

    • Web application penetration testing

    • Social engineering penetration testing

    • Wireless penetration testing

    • Cloud penetration testing and

    • Database penetration testing

    Even the ECSA program expands your understanding of hacking programs and processes to another level. Its principal objective is to give you hands-on instruction. Like other apps, ECSA can be in compliance with the NICE frame which covers areas focused on Analyze (AN) and Collect and Run (CO) specialization. 


    This could be the last measure to your white hat hacker credibility. LPT (Master) can be an expert level program which is designed to try your innovative insight testing theories and processes. 


    You will be tested on various challenges that will be associated to-

    • Multi-level pivoting,

    • Privilege escalation,

    • OS vulnerabilities exploitation,

    • Host-based application exploitations,

    • RFI/LFI,

    • SQL injection,

    • SSH tunneling, etc.


    This really could be definitely the most difficult measure of one's total journey to become a hacker for hire . The exam will test you in every possible way to bring the most effectiveness.