Where To Find and kill SpongeBoss Bulletpants In Borderlands 3

  • Borderlands 3 has gained several new enemies in the Psycho Krieg DLC, including some very familiar faces. SpongeBoss Bulletpants is among them.

    Where To Find SpongeBoss Bulletpants In Borderlands 3

    First off, to find this boss within the layers of Krieg's mind, the player will have to have unlocked Castle Crimson. Castle Crimson is the meatscape within the psycho's mind. Within this map, players should be able to find a pit near the eyed skull with the army helmet. Head left through the settlement after reaching the pit. This is also in the same area as the third catapult when a player is first running through the area to break into the castle.

    On your way to the third catapult, you’ll find a pineapple-shaped meat house where SpongeBoss Bulletpants

    He fires an irradiated bubble attack at you from the Bubble Blaster that can take you down in seconds, so watch your shields and dodge like hell.

    How To Kill Spongeboss Bulletpants

    He is a fairly high leveled enemy with a weapon, the Bubble Blaster, that shoots radioactive elemental popping bubbles at the player. However, this weapon makes SpongeBoss Bulletpants fairly easy to dodge if the player keeps there distance as his shots are slow but explosive. Defeating him, on the other hand, is not a walk in the park.

    SpongeBoss Bulletpants has several levels of lives that a player will have to work through to kill him. Depending on the player's choice, SpongeBoss Bulletpants can be killed on the level where he is labeled SpongeBoss NoChance. At this level or higher, he is killable.

    Remember that the higher leveled that SpongeBoss is, the more and better of loot he will drop. Depending on which level of SpongeBoss the player kills, they will receive a variety of loot.

    The first way to level up Spongeboss is to just shoot off his helmet. This will transform him from Spongeboss Bulletpants into Spongeboss NoChance, and very not Spongebob-like extended skull with protruding eyeballs. He will also be leveled up and thus a tougher fight, but that's not even his final form. You can actually level Spongeboss up another four times.

    To max out Spongeboss's level he will need to grind out some kills. Kite him down to the nearby area where some spiderants spawn and let them go at it. He should target the mobs himself, giving you a brief breather. You could also speed up the process if you want and soften up the ants for him, but they shouldn't even scratch his massive health pool.

    After he kills his first spiderant he will level up from Spongeboss NoChance to Super Spongeboss NoChance. To level up again he will need two more kills, so let him do his thing against some more spiderants and watch him transform into Mega Spongeboss NoChance. Repeat the process with three more kills and he will level up to Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance. Just four more kills and he will reach his final form of Godly Spongeboss NoChance.

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    Regardless of what level you kill him at, Spongeboss has a chance of dropping several rare pieces of loot including the P.A.T Mk III. Some have claimed to find it as a random drop throughout Borderlands 3, but it is confirmed that you can get it by farming Spongeboss.