How to create an effective research paper outline

  • Writing a research paper is the most challenging part of every student’s life. Its takes enough time and strength in order to write an engaging paper. Once you are done with creating an effective outline, you can write a paper without any difficulty.

    Creating an effective outline is the most important thing that you have to make before you start writing the paper. It will help you throughout the paper, and you will be able to structure the points. An outline is just like a basement of the research paper; with the help of this, you can build the whole research paper.

    The outline has three parts, i.e. introduction, body and conclusion. A detailed outline will help you in writing a successful and high-quality research paper.

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    Here is the complete step-by-step guide that can help you in creating an effective outline.

    • Introduction

    It is the most important part of every paper. You have to define the audience and state the thesis statement of your research paper. Your introduction will decide whether the reader should continue reading or just stop here. So, the introduction should be informative, intriguing and engaging. By defining the audience mean, you had to understand who is going to read your paper why he/she is your target audience. It should include the important points that you are going to discuss in your paper.

    • Body

    Different arguments that will support your thesis will be written in different body paragraphs. There is no word limit; it is the biggest and main section of the research paper. You can state as many arguments as you can. So, support your arguments with evidence. All the evidence, you have found during your research can be discussed in the section. Provide strong evidence, and it should prove your arguments. Don’t forget to add proper references and citations according to the research paper format.

    • Research Paper Conclusion

    When you are concluding your paper, add the summary of arguments in the ending part. Don’t add too many details, be specific and to the point. This is the concluding part where it should provoke your readers.


    Hope, this article would be helpful and informative for creating an effective research paper outline. Once you have created the proper outline, you would be able to write an error-free paper. Make your paper outline as much detailed as you can, if you still find anything difficult, fee free to take help from any expert paper writer