How to Block a Number on Suddenlink?

  • Get the Annoying Calls Blocked on Suddenlink

    Suddenlink an American Multinational Telecommunication Company that provides access to millions of customers and serves wireless services, internet connection, cable and television access and many more. Becoming as a subsidiary Suddenlink is the preferred choice for everyone.

    When you login in to your Suddenlink account and you get the annoying calls from the same recording every day, you will get frustrated for sure. The unknown callers from everywhere try their hard to annoy you to the fullest. The best solution to handle these unwanted calls is to put them on block. It allows the active users to block 20 numbers but that should be done in separate to call screening. Blocking is the best way to get rid of these calls which could be done in just few steps.

    Let’s learn how to achieve right trick to block a Number on Suddenlink:

    1. Visit the Suddenlink website and Login to your account by entering your Email address and password.
    2. If you don’t have an access to an account, you first need to register yourself on the Suddenlink website.
    3. Select the “Home Phone” option appearing at the top of the page.
    4. Now tap the option “Manage Features” from the drop-down menu.
    5. From the option of “Call Filtering” select the arrow by “Call Blocking”.
    6. Choose “On” or “Off” for the option of Call Blocking.
    7. You can now add up to 20 numbers that you wish to block and also add there area codes.
    8. Hit on the option “Add” after you are done entering the number.
    9. Press “Save” and the selected numbers would get blocked.

    Once done with the list, now you need to turn Call Blocking either on or off on your phone. To do this simply dial:

    1. Press *60# to turn On
    2. Press *80# to turn Off

    Click: Suddenlink email login

    You can either go through the features of anonymous call rejection that will help you to avoid unwanted continuous calls. Please contact Suddenlink customer service if you are facing any sort of problem. The expert and qualified team of Suddenlink are well versed in resolving any issue and providing the best solution to every problem.