kilts for men

  • Most of the fashion is designed for women like pants, skirts, different tops, trousers, and other similar dresses. Before the 21st century, fashion designers not take any action regarding men's fashion. The fashion was limited to pants, coats, jackets, and t-shirts. With the evolution of kilts, there is a big boost in the menswear.

    Now the men's fashion is not limited to casual wear. Kilts are the bottom wear which has a pant design and a short size length. This is an advancement in the fashion industry, which shook the entire world. The kilts are not only designed for ladies, kids, and old people but also for teenagers and men. Kilt comes in different designs and fabrics and that is why many Hollywood celebrities like to wear kilts in the movies and events. We are going to discuss these types in the next paragraph.


    Types of Kilts

    The possible types of kilts are given below

    • Tartan Kilts
    • Utility kilts
    • Denim Kilts
    • Leather Kilts
    • Gothic Kilts
    • Camouflage Kilts
    • Canvas Kilts
    • Tactical Kilts

    Tartan Kilts

    These are the oldest form or the original form of a man in kilt which is made with the wool material. It is a plain simple kilt, but it has more than 100 different plaid colors. Most of the traditional people like these kilts and worn at weddings and other Scottish ceremonies.

    Utility kilts

    These are the modern-day kilts that are made with cotton fabric and have more stuff than tartan kilts. Young people and men, mostly love this type of kilts.

    Denim Kilts

    Jeans material is used for making these kilts. There are beautiful designs of kilts in this fabric available. These jeans kilts are also modern kilts that have a huge demand in many African and European countries.

    Leather Kilts

    Hence the name tells us, these kilts are made with the real animal skin. Some leather kilts are a tartan style that doesn't have buttons or other metals while most of the leather kilts are utility which has more features and unique designs.

    Gothic Kilts

    These are the advanced form of utility kilt which has more buttons, more chains, more d rings, in short excess of metals.  These are the luxuries kilts that are for today's men.

    Camouflage Kilts

    In the past, only military and army men wore this type of kilts, but now everyone can wear casually at home, at universities, and in other places. These kilts also have the same utility features, but it is made with camouflage fabric.

    Canvas Kilts

    These kilts have beautiful and unique pockets, but the eye-catching work is on the front side. These kilts are decorated on the front side with the straps, metal buttons, antique studs, d rings, o rings and other metals which make them more beautiful.

    Tactical Kilts

    These are made with the hard cotton fabric and the design of this kilt is different from other utility kilts. It has almost the same features, but it is for the hard and tough working people, who have a long duty.