How to find the best educational website?

  •  started my business as a freelance writer, working while my children napped, watched a video, or played with friends. After freelancing i was working for one of the best educational websites - domywriting, where students are used to buy professional and high-quality homework, essays and dissertations! I felt lucky to be able to work from home and grateful for the income it provided. I took what came my way in terms of work and didn't actively market. Nor did I actively plan.

    It wasn't until I'd been in business for many years that I realized I had a viable model. My income grew each year, I added new services, and 11 years after I started my business, I'm still at it. If I'm honest, however, I didn't really get serious about it until a couple of years ago. And I wonder how things would be different if I'd gotten serious sooner.

    Are you serious about your at-home business? If so, are you:

    • Actively tracking where new business comes from?
    • Regularly reviewing your profit and loss statement?
    • Aggressively planning in order to pay less in taxes and keep more of your income?
    • Looking for ways to work less and earn more?
    • Outsourcing so that you can focus on the "highest and best" use of your time?

    We'll be discussing each of the above areas in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I'd like to challenge you to answer one question over the next week. What one thing, if you were to do it, would make the biggest difference for your business over the next year?