How to get to the top of Instagram

  • Any social networks have their own TOPs, in this article we will figure out how to get to the TOP of Instagram. Getting a publication into this section allows you to quickly develop the page. The user gets a lot of likes, followers and comments in a short time.

    The only condition for popularity is quality content. The owners of Instagram profiles are trying with all their might to get out in the recommendations, but the social network has its own algorithms for ranking content.

    Definition of TOPs

    TOP - the best posts on a social network for a certain time. These can be photographs or videos. TOPs differ by specific geolocations and tags . To find the ratings, you need to click on the tab in the form of a magnifying glass. A window will open with a search bar at the top. By clicking on it, you will be taken to a page with tags, people, geolocations, and so on. Enter a tag or tag and you will get to the TOP. It consists of the last nine posts. All content of the social network goes there, such as videos, photos, stories.

    Often, users are interested in how to get into the Instagram feed. There is its own TOP in the news feed, where the publications of the personal page are shown in the first place. All videos in such feeds are launched independently. Photos and videos are in the rating only for a day, and sometimes for a few seconds - with a large stream. Ranking in the rankings depends on the level of competition in a given area.

    "Recommended" is not a TOP. Recommendations are displayed immediately after switching to the search tab. They are personalized, while the TOPs are shown the same for all users. Also, recommendations are divided by categories and by interests, such a division is absent in the ratings.

    Difference from recommendations

    "Recommended" are formed according to certain criteria and are individual for each user. Previously, only posts of celebrities and media personalities were in the top lines of the rating. Now developers are gradually changing the ranking algorithms, leveling the odds of ordinary users. In the recommendations, however, there is mainly content that satisfies the main search queries of the profile owner.

    Also, don't confuse recommendations with a feed that shows subscriptions. Only the posts of the pages you have subscribed to are displayed there. The general news feed opens when you click on the tab with a magnifying glass. Before displaying a photo in the TOP Instagram, let's figure out the main points of getting into the ratings.


    When placing orders in Internet services in selected categories, people themselves choose sorting according to certain criteria. Ratings on Instagram work in a similar way. Their essence lies in a selection of interesting and popular publications. The essence of the algorithms invented by the developers for sampling is unknown. Whole teams are involved in the development of ranking mechanisms. The selection of interesting entries is carried out with the help of the employees department of the Facebook company.

    New functions are constantly being added to the network to improve the process of finding and displaying information. Users get acquainted with TOP posts, with "Recommended" and "Interesting". All tabs contain only relevant and useful content for each. Russian and foreign analysts have found that there are patterns and certain rules that affect the issuance of recommendations. For people interested in how to get to the TOP on Instagram, it is useful to study them in order to rise to the top in the search results, drawing attention to the profile. Let's consider all the factors influencing the rise in the ratings.

    Useful parameters

    There are a number of factors that answer the question of how to get to the TOP of Instagram:

    • How fast are likes, views, comments being collected. Algorithms are judged by how quickly the audience responds to content. The higher the rate of reviews, the more chances you have to be at the top of the rating. The same scheme works with the recommendation section.
    • How to check your instagram activity
    • How often users bookmark the post. So it turns out how useful the post is to the audience. The parameter refers to engagement and affects the search results. It is best if the post has a large number of subscribers.
    • How many comments are under the post. If a publication is violently criticized and evokes emotions in the public, then algorithms will consider it worthy of attention and useful. Such a post will advance in subscriber feeds and recommendations.
    • Ranking by subscription. It mostly happens in Recommended. The profiles to which you are subscribed are displayed.
    • By tags. For 2020, tags are gradually losing relevance and do not really affect the search results. However, together with other factors, they lead to the desired result. Tags appear in recommendations only when a person has already been interested in them. How to get to the TOP of Instagram by hashtag, we'll talk further.
    • Geolocation. They also play a role in getting into the ratings. Instagram often gives out posts tied to a specific place or time.

    It is not enough to achieve one hit in the TOPs. It's important to constantly work on content so that users want to see exactly your posts in the feed. Create attractive high-quality pictures and promote your profile in the messenger.

    Important rules for improving ratings

    To answer the question of how to display a publication in the TOP of Instagram, the profile owner should work on the content. Let's consider the main factors that will allow you to succeed in promotion. Recommendations will affect not only the content, but the entire profile.

    Content quality

    Post only good photos. This is the first and foremost rule for successful profile management. Previously, it turned out to artificially increase popularity. Now Instagram prohibits any cheating and punishes violators. Now the principle “a lot of subscribers - you get to the TOP” does not work. They are now looking more at audience engagement, overall reach, and the value of content.

    An increase in the number of subscribers is possible only with the publication of high-quality, verified and interesting information. All components of a good post are important - beautiful images, thoughtful text and meaning that needs to be conveyed to others.

    Regular posting

    Subscribers should never forget about the blogger's existence. Otherwise, there is a high probability of losing your audience. If you are already a popular person, then the profile will be visited anyway. However, this rule does not work with beginner bloggers. In all cases, the regularity of the posting is important. Publish content at least three times a week, it is better to present materials to subscribers daily. Treat the posting process like a job and don't forget about it.

    Tags and tags

    How to get to the TOP of Instagram search by geolocation and tag? Add them to posts constantly. So you will find yourself in the recommendations of those who are associated with geotagging, and over time you will get to the TOPs. Do not make sheets from tags, no more than ten popular tags are enough to not get banned. Also, tags that are not tied to the topic of the post are not encouraged.

    Live broadcasts

    Not the easiest way to gain popularity, as they rarely get featured. However, if you're lucky, count on a large influx of viewers.


    Post content you want to keep. This can be useful information, life hacks, interesting facts. Often, interesting recipes, blogs, and so on are included in the saving of users.


    The first rule of progress is to properly motivate your subscribers. Engage your audience in the life of your account, encourage people to comment and speak up. Conduct small competitions, contests, give away valuable prizes. Subscribers will feel needed and will take an active part in the development of the page.

    Activity in comments

    Don't be afraid or lazy to respond to subscriber reviews. This will make users feel like you care. Replies to comments affect the reach of posts and the ability to get to the TOP.

    Interaction with competitive profiles

    Always communicate with other bloggers, buy ads from them. Engage in mutual promotion. Before displaying a photo in the TOP on Instagram, agree on advertising with a popular blog. If you are advised by people whose opinion is listened to, then the interest of subscribers will increase. Co-stream and work on your profile every day.

    Publications at the time of increased activity

    A good way to increase your reach. Calculate the time when followers visit Instagram most often. Activity hours are shown in statistics in the business account. At the peak of such activity, likes and views are gained faster. This also affects ratings.

    Traffic from other services

    If the blogger already has an audience on another social network, use this. Be sure to encourage subscribers to go to Instagram and subscribe. The more people are interested in the profile, the better. There are more chances of getting into the recommendations.