What Happens If You Get Caught Using Free Movie Streaming Sites

  • Streaming has become one of the biggest things for today’s generation. With almost being available online, all it takes is a stable internet connection and the right knowledge and you can get anything on the internet these days.

     Most of the people stream movies and web series along except for a few who use it for other things. But even though, streaming is a way better alternative than any other for people who love to watch flicks and TV shows.  If you ever get caught while using one of those free movie streaming sites, it can cause you money and you may even go behind bars if the crime is severe enough according to the cyber laws, although these laws differ in different regions of the world. if you still want to go through with the idea of streaming using some of the top free movie websites, then today we bring you some of the best websites that are popular and can be accessed easily.

    Top free streaming websites

    1. AZ movies-It has a great user interface and you can choose from over a thousand movies from tons of different genres. You don’t even have to register on this website you can simply just visit the website and get started. This great website is visited by a total of 500,000 users in a month.


    1. Tubi TV-This website is visited by a total of around 215,000 people in a month. The website is known for its versatility as it has something for viewers of all age groups. Tubi TV is also the largest free streaming site in the world that offers this much variety to choose from. Not only that you can also download plenty of apps using this website, some of the major ones being the app store, the play store, and the Amazon app store among others.


    These are the two most commonly used sites around the globe to stream movies illegally.