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    Fact: Teenage males get erections frequently and easily. Often, just thinking about sex or a woman is enough for arousal. In fact, tight jeans alone can cause an erection with just minimal physical stimulation of the genital area.

    This stage of hypersexuality is usually due to testosterone, the male sexual hormone, which increases during adolescence to its highest lifetime levels. As we get older, the levels decline. So does our levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in excitation and sexual desire.

    However, most adult men expect (or hope) to have the same type of erections throughout their lives. As a man gets older, it usually doesn't happen that way. A number of factors have to be in place in order to get a normal erection. The man has to be stimulated and relaxed. There are times when we can get a good erection, and there may be times (when we are tired or stressed), that we cannot.

    It is possible to turn back the clock, for you can now produce an erection almost anytime and anywhere. We prescribe treatments based on individual conditions, needs and desires.


    Fact: Three out of ten men are premature or fast ejaculators.

    Most men, beyond the teenage years, cannot get an immediate second erection after having just ejaculated. Many men, once intercourse begins, reach a climax before their partners are ready to have an orgasm.

    This myth of the endless erection has been perpetuated by the X-rated movie industry. There are only several dozen established men, in the history of the X-rated films, who are able to perform for longer periods of time, in front of the camera, with the lights, the crew, the cameras and all the other paraphernalia of film making. Many of these men have to masturbate before the filming, and the film is edited, giving the impression of a perpetual erection. In reality, even this handful of sexual athletes, have their limitations.

    With Dapoxetine, a man can get the erection any time he wants to, delay the ejaculation, continue to have an erection, have intercourse a second, and even more times if he and his partner desire.


    Fact: Many teenage boys think that sex is not the most important thing in life, it's the only thing! They think about it most of the time and through their minds are constantly undressing the women they see in the street.

    As we get older, with the increasing demands and stresses that life brings, with medical physical problems creeping into our lives, the preoccupation with sex diminishes. Sex is part of the flow of mental traffic, but usually not all of it. The "normal" interest in sex for a man in his 30's, 40's or 50's varies from a desire to have sex almost daily to once every month or two. It is very difficult to define normal.

    What can be said is that frequency becomes less important. What is important is that the two partners are relaxed, enjoy what they are doing, and are in relative agreement regarding the frequency of sex. At the extreme there is a lack of desire. The man no longer thinks about or wants to have sex.

    Unfortunately, the absence of desire and the absence of erections means that the penis is not receiving the nutrients and oxygen it needs to remain healthy and functional. In this situation, muscle in the penis, that is the erectile tissue, is increasingly replaced by fibrous tissue. Fibrous tissue is less elastic. As this occurs, it becomes more difficult to get an erection.

    A vicious cycle is created. The more failures a man has in getting an erection, the less he wants to try to have an erection. Finally, he gives up and loses his desire.

    With Vidalista 20 we have seen how the vicious cycle can be decisively and quickly broken. A man can get an erection and not worry about it. This leaves him and his partner relaxed, playful, and free to enjoy sex. The more pleasure a man and woman get from sex, the more they will pursue it. When a man can get an erection he usually wants to use it.

    And just as a reminder in case you've forgotten: Sex is a great form of exercise. Keep in shape by having fun.

    What do men and women get out of sex?

    The pleasure that most men get is primarily physical. The man also gets a narcissistic gratification from giving and getting orgasm. The pleasure for most woman has more to do with establishing or maintaining a relationship.the bond with the man. However, it is true, that for some men the relationship is as important as the accomplishment and the physical pleasure. It is also true that the sex drive of some women is equal to or greater than that of the man. Such women derive as much from the physical act as from the relationship aspect of sex.

    Does every man have sexual problems sometime in his life?

    Yes. Virtually every man experiences lack of desire, erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory problems at some point or other. Such incidences are usually related to stress, drugs, medication, alcohol, insecurity in the relationship or in the self, and emotional or financial loss. The dysfunction is usually temporary. Most men have the good sense to accept this. However, some men are such perfectionists that an episode of failure can lead to anticipatory anxiety. They experience performance anxiety. The performance pressure leads to difficulity the next time. A snowball effect develops ending up with a chronic rather than a transient problem.

    Interestingly, most women are understanding of the occasional failures a man may experience, and do not make a big deal of it. We apologize to the rare man middle aged or older, who has never experienced any erectile difficulties. However, we have yet to meet him!

    What effect does impotence or the fear of impotence have on a man?

    Sexual potency is related to feelings of power, competence, self-confidence and a healthy sense of narcissism. When sexual potency begins to wane, the man may feel that he is losing control of himself, of his mind, his body, and of being able to influence his world.

    This simple effect can lead to anxiety, depression and an inability to function in the world from an interpersonal, business and professional level. When this happens the man suffers.and usually the people in his life, especially his wife, suffer as well. My integrated program can reverse this negative ripple effect.

    What effect does the man's impotence or the fear of the man's impotence have on a woman?

    In any intimate relationship, the partners sense each other's feelings. When the man is worried about performance, or actually experiencing impotence, his worry, sadness, discomfort, and loss of confidence is felt by the woman. She may feel pressured to reassure him and be unable to do so, nor to stimulate him to an erection. Often she will develop guilt and regard his dysfunction as her fault. She begins to think negatively about herself. "I'm too old, too wrinkled, not pretty enough, not sexy enough."

    The injection treatment can often heal a relationship suffering from sexual problems. In doing so, all the aspects of the relationship that are suffering also benefit.

    What effect does physical illness have on sex life and sexual potency?

    When we are physically ill, we usually lose interest and some ability to have sex. In addition to the damage to our bodies, we fell anxious and depressed about our health and the loss of achievement, competence and power over our bodies. We also suffer the loss of the benefits of a loving sexual life. This can develop a sense of isolation in the ill person.This can develop a sense of isolation in the ill person. In addition, friends and family may withdraw physically and emotionally, reinforcing the feeling of aloneness.

    Even after recovery, say from a heart attack, people are often reluctant to resume their sexual life. "It's too strenuous, too risky," they think. "I might hurt myself, or even kill myself."

    Many a time I've heard a patient tell me, "I'm not afraid of sex, I'm afraid I'm going to die". The wife is usually aware of her man's feelings and shares his fears which may lead to a decision to have less sex or none at all. Most of the time the fear is groundless, leading to performance anxiety or impotence.

    According to cardiologists, if a man can climb two flights of stairs, he can resume his sex life. The benefits of a healthy sex life can speed and even enhance recovery from many illnesses. The body is recharged by sex. Endorphins and oxytocin are produced in the body that contribute to well-being.

    After recovery from a physical illenss, when the doctor gives the go ahead, the couple should consider resuming their sex life. Alprostadil may make it much easier to resume sexual activity. It virtually guarantees a rekindling of the sexual fire.

    Is There a Best Time of the Day to Have Sex?

    There are a number of good reasons that make the morning a clear winner:

    • The testosterone level in the male is higher.
    • For both parties, there's higher levels of growth hormone and more energy after a night of rest.
    • Often a man awakes with a full bladder. This compresses the venous blood return and prevents blood escaping from the penis. As a result, many men experience spontaneous or partial erections in the morning.

    Despite these factors, most people tend to fit sex into their busy lives, hopefully in a romantic setting. Our treatment program enables a couple to have sex whenever they want.

    Can You Use Medication for Masturbation?

    Yes. Men without partners, whether because of social isolation, or widowhood, can have a sex life, too. Having erections periodically maintains the ability to continue having erections, so that men can celebrate their own bodies and be in good shape. When an appropriate partner is on the scene, the man will be ready.

    Is it Abnormal to Masturbate if You are Married or Have a Willing Sexual Partner?

    According to the University of Chicago survey Sex in America, published in 1994, married people are more likely to masturbate than people living alone. Those who have sex the most, masturbate the most. So, the short answer is, it is OK to masturbate.

    The longer answer takes other factors into consideration. Some partners have different degrees of sexual drive. When one partner wants sex more than the other, masturbation is an acceptable and understandable alternative.

    Some women are upset, even outraged, if they find their partners masturbating. If masturbation is preferred, and used exclusively as sexual outlet, instead of intercourse, there is a problem in the relationship and/or in the individual, and it should be addressed in psychotherapy or couples therapy.

    What is the Role of Masturbation?

    Masterbation is probably universal for females as well as males. It generally represents an indivudual's introduction to sexual pleasure and self love. In this day of AIDS, increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, solo sex is a safe outlet for the healthy sexual impulses.

    What About Sex in the Empty Nest?

    Couples devote much time, energy and resources raising their children. This leaves less opportunity to attend to individual and mutual needs. They don't have time to do things for themselves and for each other. When the children leave home, husband and wife now have more time to renew issues put on the back burner. They can restore their sexuality which probably has taken a back seat to raising the kids. Now, they don't have to wait for the children to fall asleep or be away at camp.

    This situation is both a challenge and an opportunity to get a second license on their marriage and love life.

    Shouldn't I Just Accept that My Sex Life is Over?

    Many people assume that sex is over at 50 and resign themselves to a sexless destiny. This attitude is in part fueled by jokes and folklore and our modern society's glorification of youth. The truth is that often people are sexually active throughout their entire lives. Our sexuality is nature's gift to us, and is important for our well-being. Sex makes us feel good.physically and emotionally. Sex, especially in a loving relationship, nourishes the bonding between mates. It provides us with feelings of being loved, secure, competent, and powerful. Sex is a good form of exercise, providing a workout for muscles, joints, and the cardiovascular system. It also causes the body to produce the endorphins, which give us a natural high and increase the functioning of the immune system, making us better able to resist infection and illness. The body produces endorphins in response to laughter, orgasms, exercise and relaxation.

    Relaxing and breathing together promote a feeling of oneness between lovers and the universe, adding a spiritual dimension to life. A good, intimate, loving sexual relationship serves to keep you happy and healthy into the Golden Years.