How to Verify Page Identity in Google Account?

  • Google Account requires an email id and password for login. When you lose your account password then you need to recover it using the recovery methods. You need to Verify Google Account Identity using these recovery options. Google account can only be used when you login to your account. Thus it is important to keep your account safe using a secured password. But few users forget their account password and further require recovering their Google account.

    How to Verify Identity in Google Account?

    • Visit Google Account login page.
    • Enter your email id and click on Next button.
    • Click on “Forgot Password” button.
    • Enter the last password that you remember.
    • Click on Next button.
    • Choose how you want to verify Google Account Identity.
    • You can choose to verify your identity through recovery email id or through registered phone number.
    • You can also verify your identity by choosing 2-step verification password.
    • When you choose recovery email id, you get a verification code in the mailbox of your recovery email account.
    • Use that code to verify your Google Identity and then set a new password.
    • When you choose phone number to verify your identity, you will get a verification code as a text SMS. Use that code to verify your Google Account Identity.
    • Set a new password for your account.
    • You can now login to your Google account using the new password.

    This is how the Google Account Recovery Page Verify will be done. If you are not able to do this by yourself then we suggest you to contact Google Support.