Why Women Flock to Niche Dating Sites

  • According to those playing closer attention to online dating sites and the ratios in a recent article which appeared a while back in the NYTimes - the male/female ratio is apparently close to evenly split. However, an in depth look at the more niche dating sites yielded quite varying results. In fact, many of the niche dating sites investigated were coming in with around 80% of their member base being female.

    I have a theory on why this is…Though I could be wrong, I was once eyeball deep in one of those niche sites and truly believe it has to do more with the fact that women are more self conscious.

    Women tend to recognize their ‘faults’ more and will purposely seek out those with similar ‘faults’ in order to find support and establish a comfort zone of sorts.

    Just to play with an example here — I’ve got a close friend that many tease and call “the cat lady” because she has several pet cats. And since ‘man’s best friend’ is typically the dog, many people naturally assume that most men are not cat people. So it makes more sense that my friend explore a niche dating site to seek out only those men who are cat people too. Right?

    Niche dating sites are a great way to avoid having uncomfortable talks, sticky situations and to even spare hurt feelings. Many women [and men] who are self conscious about their weight may flock to the BBW dating site, those with sexually transmitted infections can flock to dating sites that allow them to avoid having to disclose very personal information and those with certain living situations can find those who are more compatible. It just makes sense to cut to the chase and get down to business with only the pool of likely prospects.

    Pick A Guy Like You Pick Your Shoes

    I’m a shoe person. I’m a stilleto-addictReally, I am. But my point is there’s something about girls (or even guys, perhaps?), who are particular about shoes, when it comes to choosing the kind of guys (or girls) they go out with. Have you noticed that?

    As a shoe person, I have the tendency to check out the shoes that people wear when I’m out. I believe that you can tell something about that individual with the kind of (and state of the) shoe on their feet. With that said, I reckon it can be used to analyze how they choose the kind of guy they date or end up with.

    Shoe-shoppers vary. Some can actually zone in to a pair, just ask for their size then head straight to the cashier. Others take their time and *really* browse through shop after shop, trying on shoe after shoe, before settling on a pair or two to bring home.

    With that observation, which type of shopper do you think would end up with a “good” guy if you compare the odds?

    Okay. Granted that you’re a guy and guys don’t shop for shoes like that but still you still have to consider the choices before buying a pair, right?

    If you’re the type who don’t take care of the shoes you own — I mean, you don’t care if it’s well-maintained, i.e. old ratty sandals are A-OK — wouldn’t that tell how loosely you handle your relationships?

    You can always tell me that this metaphor is bloody silly but I think what I’m pointing out is something valid and worth all the time and thought you’d like to give it. ;)