Favorite DOWNLOAD INSTAGRAM STORIES Resources For 2020

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    Sharing your day-to-day life is made easier with the famous Instagram stories. This makes Instagram among the major social media programs on the net. But Instagram won’t let you save stories, a function that users would wish. Not having the option of saving the stories you posted, you will lose them after 24 hours given that stories have gone live. When you have an interest in keeping your Instagram stories we are going to share a number of techniques on how to download Instagram stories along with you.

    Download Instagram stories of a whole day
    Therefore, check out storiesdown.com and we are giving you the necessary steps so that you can download the treasured Instagram stories of your day. After that you can go back to and view it later on. The video file may not be saved individually. Still, it’s better this way than possessing no copy at all.

    Let’s start. Try to find the “Your Story” icon. Try to find it at the upper left side part of your Instagram feed. Then, at the open story page, simply click there is another button containing 3 small dots, simply click this button in order to find a "More" option. ”Save” is among the options, just click it and “Save Story” too. You may want to wait for a little while for the page to render your video. You ought to have the downloaded video on the Camera Roll by now.

    Download Instagram Stories One at a time
    Should you have noticed in the prior process there was more than one Save option. This is actually the part where one can start the procedure of downloading clips individually rather than the only one whole video. It’s opposite to the above technique and it’s easy to do. These 2 choices (Save Story and Save Video) can be viewed when you tap the Save button. Pick the “Save Video”. This will let you focus on just one moment or picture rather than saving the whole day. If you are successful in saving a single clip, you later view it in your collections of Photos or Camera Roll.

    Saving Stories Published by Another Instagram User
    This technique involves using third-party sites to download Instagram stories. There are many such websites available on the internet. They all have similar means of operating. Pick the websites that you may find simple to use and you are comfy.

    Third Party Website Download Guide
    Be prepared of the username or the profile URL. These sites may differ in its requirements. Thus, better check them out before starting. You may then, scroll down the listing of clips accessible for download. You'll then find a “Save” option- click on it and you are home and dry. Just select a destination and hit “save” once again.