How to install Canon Printer MF232W in ubuntu

  • Being one of the largest manufacturers of electronics, Canon has been selling various kinds of printers that are widely used. Earlier drivers of Canon Printer MF232W s were available only for Windows and Machintosh. But now the drivers are also available platforms like Linux/Ubuntu on all printers..

    How to install Canon MF232W printer in Ubuntu?

    When you want to install Canon Printer MF232W driver specifically for Linux/Ubuntu, it is important to add PPA repository.

    • Open Terminal Therefore, you should open a terminal by either making a search of the terminal from the software launcher or you may choose to use three keys together i.e. Ctrl+Alt+T.
    • At this stage, you must add the following given PPA into your Ubuntu System to proceed: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon
    • You have to type the user password when it asks and press Enter to proceed further.

    Setup Utility

    • For Ubuntu 16.04, you need to run sudo apt-get update so that you can refresh system catch to begin the installation. Thus, you must type the following: sudo apt install cnijfilter2 scangearmp2 cndrvcups-utility
    • Installing drivers for Canon Printer MF232W At this stage, you need to disconnect the computer from the printer or you may choose to turn off MF232W printer.
    • Thereafter, you can install Canon Printer MF232W driver with the following given command: sudo apt-get install cnijfilter- mf232w series
    • Using the above-mentioned command, the Canon Printer MF232W driver will get installed.
    • The Computer can now be connected with the Canon Printer MF232W and it must be turned on.
    • Finally, the Canon Printer MF232W will be detected and connected by the system on its own.
    • Alternatively, in case the drivers are not installed using the above command, you can search for cnijfilter for printing in Synaptic package manager that is provided by Ubuntu Software.
    • Further, select install driver that is suitable for your device and press OK in order to install Canon Printer.
    • The Printer is ready to use and can be tested for printing.

    What if I want to uninstall the drivers for Canon Printer MF232W?

    • When you want to remove the drivers for Canon Printer MF232W, you have to run the following given command : sudo apt remove --autoremove cnijfilter2 scangearmp2 cndrvcups-utility cnijfilter-* scangearmp-*
    • If you want to remove the PPA repository, simply go to Software & Updates and then click Other Software

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