How to Fix Instagram Not Working Issues

  • Facebook now owns Instagram, that is one of the largest social media brands in the world. Yet, Instagram can occur with issues where it stops working or creates other errors while you try to load the page. Surely, there is a guide to fix these issues, so let us get started!

    Check if the website is down

    Sometimes, you try to open and land on the main page of Instagram, but it doesn’t load or keeps crashing. In such a situation, the problem might lie in its server. But before getting to that, try logging into your account from some other device.

    You can always check the status of the Instagram by visiting ‘DownDetector Instagram’ page, that will inform you if the Instagram is down for everyone or it’s a problem occurring only with you.

    Check your Internet connection

    If you use Cellular data, check if all the data is used already, that can be a cause of Instagram not loading. On the other hand, if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, you can unplug and then try connecting it again after a few seconds, or you can reset the network.

    The steps to reset a network for an Android user are:

    Go to the ‘Settings.’
    Tap on the ‘General Management/System’ tab.
    Click on the ‘Reset/Reset Options.’
    Select the ‘Reset Wi-Fi’ option to reset the network.
    The steps to reset a network for an iPhone user are:

    Go to the ‘Settings’ app present on the home screen.
    Click on the ‘Reset’ button under the ‘General’ tab.
    Next, click on the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option.
    Note: once you reset your network settings, you’ll have to connect to your Wi-Fi again. Also, it is advised to take a note of the passwords if it’s password protected.

    Update the Instagram with its latest version

    The updates of Instagram focus on fixing bugs and other improvements that can resolve the issues that are currently faced by the application. Thus, if you’re running an old Instagram version and haven’t updated in a while, you can always try updating the app.

    The steps to update Instagram on an Android are:

    Open the ‘Play Store.’
    On the top left side of the window, click on the ‘Options’ icon.
    Tap on ‘My apps & Games’ to look for the pending updates of the apps downloaded in your phone.
    Locate the ‘Instagram’ option and tap on the ‘Update’ button next to it.
    You can always set the option to automatic updates rather than manually updating each time you face an error using the app. To set the automatic updates option, go to the ‘Settings’ tab under the ‘Options’ toolbar, and turn on the ‘Auto-update apps’ option.
    The steps to update Instagram on an iPhone are:

    Open the ‘App Store.’
    Click on your profile present on the top right of the screen.
    The next window has a list of options of the apps pending to be updated. Click on the ‘Update’ button.
    Note: If the Instagram app is still not working after you update the same, you can always try deleting the application and then download it again. You won’t lose your data due to Cloud.

    Restart the application

    If a lot of apps are running in the background, try closing all the apps at once as it takes a lot of memory, and restart Instagram.

    The steps to restart the application on an Android are:

    Click on the left button present on the bottom of the screen.
    All the apps will appear on the screen. Slide up the applications you want to close or close all the applications at once by clicking on the ‘Close All’ tab.
    The steps to restart the application on an iPhone 8 or earlier are:

    The older iPhone has a ‘Home Button’ present on the bottom of the screen thus, double-tap the same to bring up the apps recently used.
    Swipe up from bottom to top for closing the apps.
    The steps to restart the application on an iPhone X or later are:

    Swipe on the screen from bottom to top.
    All the applications opened recently will appear on the screen. Swipe on the applications to close.
    Delete Cache

    Clearing cache that is the stored data on your phone takes a lot of space. Thus, it is necessary to keep clearing cache once in a while.

    The steps to clear the cache on an Android are:

    Open the ‘Settings’ on your phone.
    Go to the ‘Apps & Notifications’ tab.
    Now, select the ‘Instagram’ app and open.
    Click on the ‘Storage’ button.
    Locate the ‘Clear Cache’ option and tap.
    The steps to clear the cache on an iPhone are:

    Note: iPhone doesn’t have a clear cache option. Therefore, you’ll have to delete and then re-install the application to remove the cache.

    Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
    Click on the ‘iPhone storage’ option under the ‘General’ tab.
    Open the ‘Instagram’ application from the list and click on the ‘Delete App’ button.
    Later, you can re-install the application from the ‘App Store.’
    Try restarting your phone

    Giving a reboot to your phone starts everything fresh. Following a method this simple might fix the issues occurring with your phone or applications.

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