How to Draw on Photos and Videos on Windows 10

  • Windows 10 is well furnished with several exciting features, and it also provides unique and upgraded features for those who want to add some creativity to their desired image or videos. Using the Photos app, Adobe Photoshop, and some other third-party tools provides the accessibility to create the desired image. Microsoft provides plenty of interesting options for drawing on Photos and Videos apps on Windows 10.

    If you want to create your imagination and to share your best of your creativity, then you should follow these guidelines:

    Editing and Creating via Photos App

    Photos app also provides various editing tools that a user can use to draw their imagination on their respective desired image. You can boost up your drawing capability with easy and precise manners. The Photos app also provides various sharing options that a user can use to share their desired image or video.

    This app also provides various pen-type gradient and colouring options that you may customize your imagination with the best of the available tools. Microsoft also provides several customizations, rotation and cropping tools to attract the users via a constantly refreshed user interface. One can shift between various categories through albums and folders via the accessibility of a horizontal navigation bar. These sections are summarily categorized into several tabs, such as albums and folders.

    Drawing on Photos and Videos through Photos Application

    • First and foremost, launch your desired video or image just from your gallery.
    • After that, hit the Create and Edit tab.
    • Now, press the Draw Next button.
    • Then, you have to navigate to the Windows Ink Toolbar option that will appear on the next screen. After that, you have to select the desired preferred pen.
    • Next, choose the colour and size options related to the fonts that you wish to use from a series of palettes.
    • After that, you have to begin your creativity on the specific image or videos.

    Editing Images and Videos via Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop provides multiple options to edit and customize your image or video directly on your Windows 10. It offers editing options and videos on Windows 10. Users should install the app to edit and create your desired imagination by installing Adobe Photoshop. The app offers various options to play with colour gradients, editing in their style and preference. There are several dynamic tools and features to edit and make your image or video from a usual one to a more professional and artistic image.

    In terms of creativity or making a unique image or video, Photoshop provides more of the brush styles that can be easily used or touched directly on your iOS device having multiple spectacular graphic designing filters and customization effects.

    It is recommended to save your creation in the iCloud storage section to make it preserve forever that can be accessed easily. Users may use this platform on any of the devices, be it Mac, iPad or iPhone to make the creativity dynamic and appealing.

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