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The Purpose of Business Meetings

  • The current situation and investigation of the GSA's Las Vegas event has lots of people up in arms in regards to the investment that companies, associations, and governmental agencies make on hosting business meetings. People who question the point and power of business meetings are rattling the cage and making noise just because they did after "Muffin-Gate" in 2011 (the over hyped and twisted story that the DOJ paid $16 per muffin at a meeting coffee break). But there's more to meetings than the expenses to make a meaningful conference.

    Although it can sound expensive, the realities of hosting events do cost money. Hotels, meals, transportation, professional speakers, entertainment, and other necessary items have associated bills. But when a meeting becomes a "happening" there's value created. Considering pieces of the puzzle separately can cause some to misinterpret the real power that occurs when people gather together. Throughout history man has collected in groups to fairly share the best ideas, learn, grow, entertain, have a great time, and get inspired for the future.  affärsjuridik

    Of course you can find those that abuse the machine, make poor spending decisions, and waste money. I am not condoning bad behavior. Meetings are not a thing you simply "do"... as you will need trained professionals to assist you organize or you'll fall prey to a variety of mistakes. Too many jump in thinking "how hard can it be?" and wing-it in their planning. A meeting has so many parts that you ought to never expect the proper results without the appropriate planning and experience.

    Some people believe that the meetings industry is dead. I spoke to at least one person recently who said she never visits business meetings, and thus was convinced that conferences were dying. NOT TRUE. Many business meetings are growing and new conferences spring up daily around the world. The meetings industry is really a multi-billion dollar business that employs over 1.7 million people in the United States.

    The issue with all the discussion about meetings is there's not a clear knowledge of the objective of business gatherings. If you talk to different people you can get different answers. Some think meetings exits to educate. Others to entertain. Networking opportunities are regularly cited as reasons to attend. You can find those that believe meetings a perk, while just as much view them as an obligation. Associations can acquire much of their income from conferences and at the same time others and agencies have them as expenses.

    Every meeting that's planned may have different purposes (even meetings which can be wear by the exact same organization).

    Since there is not a single purpose for business meetings there will always be controversy as people tend to only look at things just how they want to see them. Those who wish to see meetings as expensive may make that argument, but when you have ever gone to a conference where you made a link that changed the direction of your career, or learned something that inspired you to attain more... you then know why there will always be business meetings.

    All opportunities come from people, and bringing groups together is a method to create more opportunities.

    I believe meetings exist for lots of reasons, but too often even the organizers cannot tell you the clear purpose. Trying to attract many different people can leave an event too vanilla to become spectacular to anyone. If you cannot clearly articulate the reason why to host the meeting, why can you anticipate attendees to know the purpose.