Deactivate Cash App Card

  • How To Deactivate A Cash App Card?

    There are lots of users who misplace their Money App Card or forgets at some place. Users can fear since the card may come from wrong hands and you'll find more chances of finding the money stolen.

    In case if you forget the card at any place or if it gets stolen.

    Here are the measures which you can follow along with deactivate but the Money App card deactivates temporarily:

    To begin with, you need to start the Cash App on your mobile.

    Visit the alternative"Cash Card" which is on the home screen.

    Choose the picture of the"Money Card" on the screen.

    From that point you may disable or allow Cash Card.


    So you got all the methods of activating cash card with qr code , deactivating cash card and activating card without qr code