What is the Densification Concept in Ashford Formula?

  • For many years, the only way to protect concrete floors was to use a film or membrane to cover them. Acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, and waxes are examples of such materials. Coatings, on the other hand, are just a temporary remedy by their very nature. 

    Delamination, scratching, chipping, and wear are all possibilities. They will eventually need to be replaced. This includes downtime, supplies, and personnel costs. Because certain low-cost coatings only last 6 to 12 months, the accompanying maintenance expenditures are considerable and frequent. West Asia Network DMCC is the best distributor of Ashford Formula. For more information, you can visit the website: https://westasianetwork.com/


    What is the Ashford Formula?

    When it comes to concrete floor protection, the Ashford Formula takes a unique approach. The Ashford Formula creates new crystals in the concrete rather than covering it with organic substances. 

    This reaction fills in the concrete's natural pores and voids, resulting in a dense, durable, and easy-to-clean surface. Internally and inorganically, the concrete is densified. There is nothing to wear away from the surface and nothing to replace it with. The surface becomes significantly tougher and more resistant to abrasion as a result of the same reaction. In addition, the dust is removed from the floor surface.



    The Ashford Formula, which was developed approximately 70 years ago, was the catalyst for reaching these achievements. This is the product that gave birth to a whole new industry. Many copies of the Ashford Formula have been on the market as a result of its success. 

    None of them, however, can equal the original's long-term performance. No one else has the same unique catalytic chemistry that has lasted nearly 70 years. Nobody else can match our Lifetime or 20-year warranty, which is backed up by nearly seven decades of proven performance.


    What are the benefits of the Ashford Formula?



    With a unique and unrivalled catalytic chemistry, the Ashford Formula densifies. The Ashford Formula was created about 70 years ago as an alternative to coatings. When this product first hit the market, many critics doubted that a single product could render floor surfaces permanently resistant to abrasion, easy to clean, and dust-free.

    They've been proven false for nearly seven decades. The unrivalled catalytic chemistry is responsible for these long-term effects. The concept is straightforward: a crystalline growth process internally densifies a concrete floor surface.


    1. CURES

    The Ashford Formula reduces the outward migration of water from concrete when used as a curing agent. Its chemical reaction creates a densified barrier that helps to prevent shrinkage, cracking and hairline checking. 



    Dust must be removed from concrete flooring. Concrete's efflorescence produces dust, which settles on finished goods, racks, and equipment. The Ashford Formula reacts with the salts in concrete to become a permanent part of the concrete, dust-proofing the surface completely. This lowers maintenance expenses while also shielding sensitive equipment and produced goods from dust particles.



    The Ashford Formula lowers the cost of construction. It just necessitates a single, permanent application. This eliminates the need for a curing barrier, which must be removed later from the floor.

    Because it stabilizes the surface, the Ashford Formula prevents crazing, or "map cracking," when utilized at the time of installation. This feature of the Ashford Formula makes it ideal for outdoor applications since it protects the concrete from freeze-thaw damage.