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Is LASIK permanent after the procedure?

  • This is the most frequently asked question that every second person thinking to have LASIK ask. Laser in-situ keratomileusis also called LASIK is the most beneficial laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Billions of people have undergone this procedure and results so far have always been above expectations. Although every person has this same question whether Lasik is permanent or for how long does it last? As each individual is different and has unique eyes,  it's quite difficult to give a solid answer on how long does Lasik actually last in each case. 


    Well, in general terms, a huge number of patients have experienced a long-lasting improvement in their vision after having Lasik eye surgery from an eye specialist hospital in Delhi (know more). On the other hand, some people have their farsightedness, nearsightedness return after several years due to the natural changes in the eye lens. There was a lot of research conducted on LASIK when it was new, but now as it is officially considered as an ideal procedure, there were only a few. Although researchers have conducted modern studies that followed people after a decade of having Lasik eye surgery. And the results have been amazing. Most of the people found their eyes better even after a decade of surgery. 


    Lasik eye surgery is permanent as it is a laser insisted procedure that is used to reshape the cornea to improve the focusing ability of the eye. Hence, making it a permanent treatment for vision-related issues in an individual. But LASIK doesn't prevent your natural ageing eyes, also called presbyopia. When a person reaches his/her forties, the natural ageing process of your eye begins that basically includes hardening of the eye lens hence making it difficult to focus. Even if you're born with excellent vision, you're going to need glasses at some point in your life after your forties. 


    Lasik treats three major issues that are mentioned below:-

    • Farsightedness, one of the most common issues. In this case, a person can see objects far away clearly but objects nearby may appear blurry. 


    • Nearsightedness, another most common condition in which objects nearby may appear clear but objects at a distance don't. 


    • Astigmatism is a condition that makes things look blurry. But in this case objects at all the distance appear blurry. 


    If you're having any of the above-mentioned issues you can have a Lasik procedure. Laser eye surgery cost in India is much affordable. 

    As mentioned, Lasik can treat these issues and can give you long-lasting results but it doesn't prevent your natural ageing process. For protecting your vision after having Lasik surgery it's really important to have a healthy lifestyle. A poor lifestyle can make your vision even worse as you age. Also, you must regularly have your health check-up to make sure you're doing well. Wearing sunglasses can be a lot beneficial as sun rays may damage your eyes. These small habits can give you an excellent vision years after having a Lasik procedure.