Benefits of buying YouTube views and subscribers

  • What do you need the most right now? Is it to gain more popularity, or to attract more attention, or to magnetize more traffic around you? Thereupon, we all are aware of this fact that operating a social media platform can rapidly or simultaneously bring you at the zenith of popularity. But, in general, if you’re operating a YouTube channel, then obviously you wish to fascinate more & more traffic which provides you multiple likes, comments and subscriptions. Isn’t it? But the question then arises that- “HOW”?

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    So, here I’m assured that most of us want to grow their channel swiftly by other means (if they are not getting expected results from their ongoing YouTube channel) like by buying or purchasing subscribers and views artificially. Correspondingly, buying YouTube subscribers & views would surely result in a sudden increment of artificial likes, subscribers & views, and I’m a bit sure there would be a tag of popularity on you.

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    But is it a true thing that buying subscribers & views once can maintain your channel popularity for a longer duration. Here, the truest answer is “NO”, because the subscribers you buy through financial means never bother about your content and videos, there may be some who literally cares but their lesser number can’t affect the desired number of views & subscriptions.

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    One more fact for those who committed themselves completely for gaining applauses by the means of purchasing likes, views and subscriptions; if you ever go through the ‘Terms & Services’ of YouTube, then section 6 ‘Permissions & restrictions’ states that- ‘you are not allowed to do the following cause or encourage any inaccurate measurements of genuine user engagement with the service, including by paying people.

    Providing them with incentives to increase a video’s views, likes, or dislikes, or to increase a channel’s subscribers, or otherwise manipulate metrics,’ and if you have done this against their policies then the consequences might lead to devastating ends as YouTube agency might lead to your whole channel being shut down by them. So I can confidently conclude that it’s not the recipe of success.

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    We all are in a situation where there are no real winners. “Social media is like planting a tree”, as a tree needs a lot of pampering and time for growing and flourishing in the same context social media needs a lot more time to make your channel popular by your content and efforts. Bringing up artificial subscribers and viewers may fade up the artist in you and then it’s obvious that your content might be less impressive and attractive.
    ‘Hope and Hard work are things with feathers’.

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    Suitably, in a bird’s eye view, even for a single time it may enhance your channel as well as views & subscribers after buying them but after a long run, it may create a lot of mess with your channel. So it’s all up to you that what you want in your way. As if you’re focusing on improving your skills then definitely you’ll see the carrot at the end.
    ‘Fake it till you make it- should not at all be an option here.’

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    YouTube has been a great platform for many young and talented people to showcase their skills on various platform and get viewed to the masses around the world. But this is not the case with everyone. There are many users who have great content but fail to get a maximum number of views and subscribers on their channel.

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    The reason behind it is that they do not buy subscribers and views. There are various advantages of buying these subscribers and views. The most important reason for buying it is that the user will be able to substantiate his/her social credibility.

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    In this way, the channel becomes more visible and trustworthy in the eyes of the viewer making it more reputable and eventually more people will be attracted towards the channel or the video. Also, there might be a fair chance of people even getting inspired by the brand or the product that the user is showcasing. It will also oblige the viewers to click through to the user's videos.

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    On the contrary, I feel that getting subscribers to a channel is more beneficial than getting views. Accumulating views on the video is one thing but getting the viewers to actually subscribe to the channel is crucial. Getting random views on the video would mean that the viewers found the video to be worthy enough to be watched. On the other hand, getting subscribers to the channel as a whole would mean that the subscribers actually like the content and they expect to see more videos in the future. So clicking that “subscribe” button becomes easy for them.

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    Another reason why buying subscribers is crucial is that it helps the user to effectively promote his/her video the targeted audience. The content being posted might not be relevant to all the people who view it. So there should be a way by which we can reach people who find the content more relevant. This, however, does not come at a low price. In order to reach out to the target audience, we need to have sponsored ads or content on YouTube.

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    Once the content is sponsored, people will actually start watching those videos and eventually start talking about it and also in many cases will start sharing the video in other social media platform as well. In this way, the user is actually able to create his/her own community.

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    Buying subscribers and viewers are not illegal according to YouTube’s terms and conditions. YouTube will only take an action against a user’s account if the content does not match the criteria of YouTube TOS. The main reason people buy these is only to increase their organic subscribers. This not only helps in generating awareness but also helps in accumulating wealth for the user from the videos.

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    The channel will not only become popular but it will also make it more engaging and appealing to the viewers. In this way, the normal viewers will eventually become the subscribers of the channel.